Charges recommended for deadly DUI crash on Highway 58

August 2, 2016
Denise Fox

Denise Fox

The California Highway Patrol is recommending a vehicular manslaughter charge against a San Luis Obispo woman accused of causing a fatal collision while driving intoxicated. The crash, which occurred on Highway 58, killed Denise Lyn Fox, 56, of Santa Margarita.

On April 30, shortly after 6 p.m., Fox was driving her Toyota sedan eastbound about a half mile outside Santa Margarita when a car driven by Jessica Lea Allred, 23, of San Luis Obispo crossed the double yellow lines and crashed head on into Fox. Fox was pronounced dead at the scene.

Emergency personnel transported Allred, who was suffering from a broken leg and two broken ankles, to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center. CHP officers then placed Allred under arrest for DUI at the hospital.

CHP officials say they have now completed their investigation into the crash. The agency is recommending prosecutors charge Allred with vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, DUI causing injury to another person and causing great bodily injury to another person.

The district attorney’s office says it will take some time to review the case.

At the time of the crash, traffic on Highway 58 was heavy because of attendees leaving the Pozo Stampede concert at the Pozo Saloon. It is not clear whether Allred attended the concert.

Last year, another 56-year-old woman was killed in a crash on Highway 58 following the Pozo Stampede. On April 25, 2015, Templeton woman Donna Dean Magee died in a single vehicle accident after attending the concert. Magee lost control of her Toyota Tacoma while going around a curve, then went off the road and landed 25 feet below in a dry creek bed.

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A tragic incident for anyone to deal with, but one thing should be noted wait until the facts are in, as the CHP admitted Ms. Allred was NOT on her phone nor texting, but the other person was in fact on her phone talking to her sister while driving. We do not know the extent of the facts as of now.

Let the process take its place, Ms. Fox was on her phone distracted while driving with one hand so let the entire matter be investigated and facts come out.

The photo of this smiling (I’m assuming grandma with her grandchildren) haunts me.

This could have been any one of us.

Who knows who the next victim will be of someone like the young Ms. Allred?

Someone who makes the decision that their good time is more important than the years someone like Ms. Fox was expecting to spend with these children, watching them grow, celebrating their milestones…

So tragic.

Wait a minute, back up the Patrol Car. Why ONLY manslaughter???????

Is this woman’s life somehow less important, less valuable, less loved, less significant than others unnecessarily MURDERED bu impaired drivers like CHP Officer Oswald?

Our judicial system is clearly in need of revision.

We can solve it all with better Car and Booze Control…

There has to be proof that she had knowledge that her actions could be dangerous. I.e., prior drunk driving conviction where it is on record that she is now aware…etc.

Allred, like in Allred escrow services and Allred of Rolling A ranch? Boozeapaloza is more like it. The price paid for bad choices and a lack of personal responsibility.

Hope so, she was judge and jury to her victim. We all make mistakes and we must pay for those mistakes.