CCN poll shows Carpenter trouncing rival Hill

August 2, 2016
San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter

San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter

Dan Carpenter has blown past his rival Adam Hill in the battle for the District 3 San Luis Obispo County Supervisor seat, according to a CalCoastNews poll conducted Monday.

Among decided voters, San Luis Obispo City Councilman Dan Carpenter holds a 10-point lead over incumbent Supervisor Adam Hill. Carpenter leads with 55.4 percent followed by Hill at 44.6 percent. Of registered voters polled, 53 percent said they were still undecided.

The CCN poll of 442 voters has a margin of error of less than 4.4 points. CCN contracted with a phone survey company to call a randomized list of district voters.

Carpenter’s poll bounce comes on the heels of an argument Hill had with Sheriff Ian Parkinson over passing marijuana laws and issues with public safety.

At last weeks supervisor meeting, California Valley residents and the sheriff voiced concerns about code violations, water use and crime associated with hundreds of recently planted marijuana grows. The sheriff asked the supervisors to pass an urgency ordinance to help provide clear direction.

Hill argued that marijuana is going to be a big industry in California, and SLO County must capitalize on it. Hill also said he opposes an urgency ordinance because he does not want to see it result in drug raids.

Parkinson countered saying public health and safety concerns should be paramount and that his deputies knock on doors and ask question, they rarely conduct raids.

Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill

“It boils down to, do you support the safety of that community out there? Parkinson asked. “We are asking simply for some rules.”

In the June 7 primary election, Hill received 41.21 percent of the vote in District 3, which put him in first place. However, Hill’s two challengers received a combined total of 58.79, signaling that Hill is at risk of losing in November.

San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter advanced to the runoff election against Hill. Carpenter edged former Grover Beach Mayor Debbie Peterson by about 5 percent. Carpenter received 31.63 percent of the vote and Peterson received 26.85 percent.

The bulk of District 3 voters, 56 percent, live in San Luis Obispo. Next in line is Grover Beach at 21 percent, Pismo Beach at 17 percent, rural Arroyo Grande at 6 percent and Avila Beach at 3 percent. District 3 has 1,765 more Democrats than Republicans. Hill is a Democrat and Carpenter is not affiliated with a political party.

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I don’t trust the voters. Measure A, Hill being reelected, etc. Time and time again the voters of SLO have demonstrated their idiocy.

Not even close to celebrating yet…

If Adam is voted out will it mean Dee’s Housing Connection will falter? Maybe they’ll move? One can only hope….


Reject A D A M H I L L

Reject B R U C E G I B S O N


Just Saying,


Support Dan Carpenter

Where are the 55.4% who voted for Hill in the primary? I can honestly say that I don’t know personally anyone who admitted to voted for him.

Same strange thing with Donald Trump. I can’t find a single soul who will cop to voting for him, and yet somehow he clinched the primary.

Quite a few in Avila.

I meant “Where are the 41.21% … “

I disagree with Adam Hill often, but he is right about marijuana. It should be allowed and taxed. The tax revenue would pay for Ian Parkinson to have Sheriff’s patrol more. They can rent out the panga boat catcher for sight-seeing and wine parties on the Bay. At least then that boat would make money and California Calley citizens can feel safer.

53% is a lot of undecided voters. A lot can happen so if Carpenter wants to win, he needs to keep talking to constituents.

This story put a big ol’ smile on my face.

Thanks CCN!

As Supervisor David Blakely once said, “in the business of politics your friends come and go but your enemies multiply.” Personally I disagree that this has to be the case because with integrity, disagreements can retains respect thence minimalizing your enemies.

Funny that you should mention Blakely on an article about marijuana.

With 53% of voters undecided, it’s too early to celebrate. Did you notice that Hill gained some support since the primary and NOT-Hill lost a little ground?

There’s a party going on right here, a celebration to last throughout the year! The whole county will PARTY when Hill is out! Woo hoo! Fire Adam Hill!

The only support he gained were the few voters who felt Debbie wasn’t treated right by some of Carpenter’s supporters.

Hill’s support has peaked.

Remember the enema that Arroyo Grande voters gave their city when they got rid of Tony Ferrara? District 3 of San Luis Obispo County is preparing to do the same with Adam “Fat Tub of Goo” Hill.

It really is a difficult job to get rid of the political sewage that has been doing a number on SLO County. I’m glad that someone the caliber of Dan Carpenter has the resolve to fight for what’s right.

You have my vote, Mr. Carpenter. Just keep the pedal to the metal because that devious fat tub of goo is going to do ANYTHING to trip you up…

There are a couple of local cities that could exercise your “enema” affect. There are some politicians that have just been there too long and are more impressed with themselves (Atascadero) than for the taxpayers that are supporting them. I hope that the voters will get more involved and support the candidates that really want to help them rather than the smiling, backslapping ones and photo opportunists that will say anything and promise you everything for your vote.