Governor Brown declares state of emergency for SLO County

August 16, 2016

Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency Monday for San Luis Obispo County because of the Chimney Fire. The blaze has burned 5,400 acres, destroyed 12 homes, damaged 20 structures and caused the evacuation of residents. It is 10 percent contained.

The declaration frees up state personnel and equipment to help fight the fire.

One firefighter was injured on Saturday. He was air lifted out, treated at a hospital and released. A second person has been injured, though further information is not yet available.

The entire Running Deer Ranch area is under evacuation orders.

The fire started Saturday at approximately 4 p.m. southwest of Lake Nacimiento in the community of Running Deer Ranch. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.


Here’s an idea Governor Brown, redirect all money for your stupid Bullet (non-bullet) Train to fire fighting until all fires are out and the danger from any new ones is over……..

Jorge Estrada

The Feds are also sending money for this emergency. After the smoke settles, it is my hope that monies are set aside for the road impacts due to excessive heat, heavy trucks and activity associated with this completed event. The Highway 41 fire trashed some roads which have not been resurfaced yet and stand in line with every other road project. Sadly most have died since that fire and the new homes, higher taxes and trashed roads are ours to fund while the monies that flowed went elsewhere. BE SURE TO ASK ABOUT ROAD MONEY NOW or else it will all go to pay.


The fire was reportedly caused by someone stopping their truck on tall weeds and leaving it there long enough to ignite the fire.


Better late than never….