Robbery reported outside Buffalo Wild Wings in SLO

August 25, 2016
Antwain Wright

Antwain Wright

Update: Police arrested three suspects — each of whom is from the Sacramento area — in connection to the reported robbery in the Madonna Plaza Shopping Center. Two of the three suspects remain in San Luis Obispo County Jail on robbery and conspiracy charges, while the third is no longer in custody, according to the county sheriff’s office website.

After the robbery occurred, the victims began following the suspects on northbound Highway 101, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department. The victims then turned around and returned to the scene to report the crime.

Authorities stopped the suspects’ vehicle in Atascadero. San Luis Obispo police officers then drove to Atascadero where they gathered evidence linking the suspects to the robbery.

Officers arrested Antwain Wright, 21; Billy Douglas Adams, 23; and Eric Damont Walters, 21. Police booked all three suspects in jail with bail set at $60,000. Wright and Adams remain in jail, while Walters is no longer custody.

Billy Douglas Adams

Billy Douglas Adams

Original: Two men allegedly robbed a person at gunpoint Wednesday evening in the Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot at the Madonna Plaza Shopping Center in San Luis Obispo. The robbers then fled the scene, but officers tracked them down in Atascadero. [Tribune]

Around 10:20 p.m., the two robbers reportedly took cash from the victim, then fled north on Highway 101 in a white Mercedes.

A CHP officer then pulled over a vehicle in which the suspects were thought to be fleeing on Highway 101 near the Del Rio Road exit ramp in Atascadero. It is unclear whether the suspects were arrested.

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The pictures are great!

Make them wear pink jumpsuits and have them pick up trash along the highway for the next 10 years. Hard labor. If we have to pay for their housing and all their other crap, we might as well get some work out of them.

Ate Wild Wings crap food and got robbed afterwards, bad night all the way around

Wait a minute, back up the paddy wagon. Soon enough they will be granted amnesty, offered a university education, a driver’s license, insurance, and a chance to become a judge or politician.

Remember, this is indeed the “land of opportunity.”

Where does it say that they aren’t citizens?

And I highly doubt these guys have any ambition…

It’s California, only criminals carry guns. The victim is lucky that they didn’t shoot him in the head.

Nice work to catch them. They’ll plead down and do minimal time because our prisons are over full and we have no more money to build and operate new ones.

We have the money, but is wasted on exorbitant pensions, benefits & false disabilities.

You are so right, they definitely wont toss a couple black guys in prison.

Definitely push that theory lol.

Why work when you can steal?


Can you imagine any way in which someone could hire these guys and actually get a full day of work out of any of them? I can’t.

Why yes SJ, I hear the IRS needs a few more employees, and its right up their alley.

Perhaps the should run for a position on the LOSCD.