Santa Maria insurance agent charged with fraud and theft

August 9, 2016

hand cuffs 1A Santa Maria insurance agent charged with nine felony counts including embezzlement and grand theft is scheduled for arraignment Wednesday in the Santa Maria Division Courthouse

Melissa Grimmesey, 42, a former licensed insurance agent employed as a customer service representative for an unnamed insurance agency, allegedly stole premiums from policyholders who paid cash. She then used other customers’ credit cards to repay the stolen premiums.

While Grimmesey allegedly logged the cash payments into the computer system, she later deleted the transactions to avoid detection.

The Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office has charged Grimmesey with nine felony counts including one count of grand theft, one count of embezzlement, one count of theft of funds by a fiduciary, five counts of identity theft, and one count of unauthorized access to a computer system.

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State Farm.

Did you know that $5000 for property damage liability is the minimum required by the State of California on vehicle insurance. Most of us carry $100,000 but I know of a large franchise car rental agency that only carries the minimum as insured by Nation Wide. That means if one of their cars drives through your house and the driver is not insured, your home owners policy may have to pay for the damages and they may go after the no money driver! $5000 dollars to cover damage to your property is a joke and California allows this. Who would of thought that $5000 property damage liability is driving all over California while the same insurance companies sell you $100,000 or $300,000 property damage liability on your vehicle policy.This is irresponsible California that few know about, excepting the insurance lobbyists. This isn’t insurance fraud because it is legal.

Every time that we try to raise the insurance requirements, people object; saying that poor people won’t be able to afford to drive and they are being discriminated against. The bigger problem is the large number of people driving with NO INSURANCE and/or NO DRIVER”S LICENSE. You have to have uninsured motorist coverage. Since healthcare costs have skyrocketed and many people don’t have health insurance, $300,000 isn’t enough liability coverage. One accident with multiple passengers can lead to millions of dollars in medical costs, loss of work, and pain and suffering.

My example specifically address property damage coverage, not bodily injuries. In addition, it is not the poor parties that buy the cheep ass coverage and Nationwide actually sells these scum bag polices. You and I typically buy enough to protect our assets but the insurance companies buy lawyers to protect their profits while we fund that business model. Again this is not fraud, in California it to be legal.

Seems like they’d go after the owner of the car, doesn’t it? If you loan your car to someone and they demolish a house aren’t they ultimately coming back to you?

You are correct, the owner of the car / rental company is responsible. They are insured by Nationwide and they rented a car to someone with no insurance or the ability to pay for damages. Since the car rental company only bought $5000 for property damage and the property damages exceeded that coverage, it’s legal BS, to bad so sad or deliver this crap to my insurance company. I can afford my decision and this will happen again to the unaware public. Let it be known that Nationwide may not be on your side because it is legal in California.

Why is the company where she worked unnamed?

“insurance agent charged with fraud and theft”

That’s funny! Fraud and theft kind of goes with the territory if you ask me.

That’s probably why no one asked you. If you’re going to make a half cocked statement then back it up with something more than a silly statement!