Tribune’s criticism of France is overreaching

August 20, 2016


The San Luis Obispo Tribune joined Obama and the Democrat’s Islamic appeasement tactic in its editorial “The burkini bigotry in France has gone too far” and in a commentary by Cathleen Parker titled “Burkinis are not a threat – and they are not of your business.”

The word burkini as used is an “amalcam of burqa and bikini.” Burkinis cover the body leaving only the face, feet and hands exposed.

Is the “burkini” issue a problem in Pismo Beach or on the shores of Avila Beach?  What inspired the Tribune’s editorial staff to criticize France’s rejection of Muslims impeding their integration into the secular culture of France by the Islamic insistent demand that women wear burqas and burkinis?

To seize on the “burkini” issue contrasts the SLO Tribune’s editorial irrelevancy while sustaining its own bigotry. Its editorial and commentary follows the Democratic line of Islamic appeasement while ignoring the larger tragic issue of Islamic terrorism that contradicts the professed “love and peace” of moderate Muslims.


Shariah Law on Pismo and Avila beaches? Here are a few details the Tribune ignored. Author Nonie Darwish ( says the goal of radical Islamists is to impose Shariah Law on the world.

Can SLO be far behind in the Islamic quest? What about an Islamic theocracy replacing the County Supervisors?

And what about the women and girls frolicking on the Beaches of the Pismo basin?

Darwish explains that Shariah Muslim law controls the private as well as the public life of women. Horrors! Read on.

A Muslim man can marry a child consummating the marriage by 9. Even when a woman is abused she cannot obtain a divorce. To prove rape, the woman must have (4) male witnesses. When woman has been raped, she may be returned to her family. The family has the right to execute her (an honor killing) to restore the honor of the family. Husbands can beat their wives ‘at will’ and he does not have to say why he has beaten her. The husband is permitted to have (4 wives) and a temporary wife for an hour (prostitute) at his discretion.

Not here, anywhere! Especially not on the beaches at Avila and the grand expanse of the Pismo.


The TT pays Tom Fulks to write his BS, therefore they are irrelevent.


Nothing surprises me about that paper. The stories are two days old by the time they make it to print. I wonder what people visiting this area think when they read a newspaper written at about a fourth grade reading level. I’m guessing someone working at the Tribune scours the internet looking for stuff they can print in paper. Many stories, like burkini thang, is right out of left field. SLO county deserves much better.


I have family (not immediate) that have a condo up in Cayucos (have for decades) and when they 2-3 times a year make the trek in between rentals, they often comment on the running joke that is the “local paper up here” – and they are pretty liberal…

So, not knowing what others think, for my relatives, the trib is a sad joke. The good news is, I gave them CCN’s address, and now when they want to catch up on local happenings when they stay, they read CalCoastNews (and they are impressed with the quality and breadth of issues).


The T-T needs to go bankrupt soonest!

The T-T is just like Islamic Terrorists chanting “Death to America”.

In the end, the morally-insane, yellow-journalists of the T-T will be accountable to their Maker.

Karma is a bitch.

San Louie

Given the Islamic crap covering the front page of the Tribune on July 4th (with no mention of our national holiday) and this article, one has to wonder where the paper gets its Islamic bias?


If they had bothered to do even a modicum of research they would have found out that the original story was false. Three Muslim brothers took over part of a beach in France, insulting women, and throwing rocks at the locals. The locals had other ideas and put a stop to it. The brothers are in jail.


Why the four thumb downs? Just the facts mam!

Kaiser Bill

Islam is incompatible with Western civilization.

Aside from a few foreign Moslem professional types like college professors and business executives, there should be ZERO immigration from Moslem lands into Western countries like America, the EU, and Australia.

There are nude beaches in much of France, where the burqini has been banned. Germany also has a large nudist subculture which will probably be threatened by the one million “refugees” Germany allowed in over the past year. The shores of Pismo and Avila even have a nude beach, Pirate’s Cove.

The West: Bikinis and Nude beaches.

Islam: Burqinis and sex segregated beaches.


The Tribune?

That’s funny. People still pay for that worthless rag to read the worthless drivel in print…or is it just full of pictures to look at that tell a story?

They’re obviously feeling a bit of a pinch as they just littered my neighborhood this morning and every driveway received a free copy. My Labrador was so pleased he got in an unexpected retrieve and deposit to the recycling container.


they are all worthless rags; everything you read is an ad


oh, and btw i love to read the paper and scream at the tv news at the same time. CURMUDGEON?


They lie on the same continuum of female genital mutilation. They are sexist and anti-woman. Those liberal feminists talk from both sides of their mouths, don’t they.

San Louie

Sexist, anti-woman and pro-abortion/anti-life.