Burglars snatch narcotics from Nipomo drug store

September 20, 2016

crime sceneTwo men broke into a Nipomo drug store early Sunday morning and stole $1,900 worth of narcotics. The suspects were caught on surveillance footage, but authorities did not manage to locate the thieves. [KSBY]

Around 1:30 a.m., San Luis Obispo County sheriff’s deputies responded to an alarm at Nipomo Rexall Drugs in the 300 block of West Tefft Street and found a broken front window but no one inside the store. Surveillance footage from Rexall Drugs shows the two burglars broke into the pharmacy using something that resembled a baseball bat.

The thieves grabbed a trash can, filled it with drugs and fled.

One of the men was wearing a hooded sweatshirt. The other was wearing a light strapped to his head.

Rexall Drugs is offering a reward for information that leads to the arrest of the suspects.

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Saw the footage. Those guys were scanning labels and knew the score. They likely could have gotten their act together and become pharmacists. They like to work at night, obviously, and that comes with a huge shift bonus. Good six figure salary for both of them….but nooooo……let’s go to prison instead.

yes, hooded sweatshirts are bad news. they need to be outlawed…..your joking troll

Remove the temptation outlaw drug stores.