California mandates single-user bathrooms become gender-neutral

September 30, 2016
Phil Ting

Phil Ting

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into a law a bill whose author, a San Francisco Democrat, describes as the “nation’s most inclusive restroom access law.” The new law requires all businesses and public facilities that have single-user restrooms to place signage indicating the bathrooms can be used by all genders.

State law defines a single-user restrooms as a bathroom that has no more than one toilet and one urinal with a locking mechanism which the user can control. Businesses and government agencies have until March 1, 2017 to comply with the regulation.

Assemblyman Phil Ting authored AB 1731, in part, as a response to 19 states that he says, in 2016, have considered restricting access to bathrooms and other sex-segregated facilities based on biological sex.

“California is charting a new course for equality,” Ting said in statement following Brown’s signature. “Restricting access to single-user restrooms by gender defies common sense and disproportionately burdens the LGBT community, women and parents or caretakers of dependents of the opposite gender. Bathroom access is a biological need. This law will ensure more safety, fairness and convenience access for everyone.”

Ting also said Brown’s signature of AB 1732 solidifies California’s status at the national leader on transgender rights. In 2013, Brown signed legislation allowing transgender students at public schools to use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity. In 2011, Brown signed a bill that added gender identity and gender expression to California’s nondiscrimination laws.


This is simply another wrongheaded scorched earth departure directive from Obama, & of course Brown is trying to make it happen, but common-sense thinkers will repel it for many good reasons. The repeal has already started.

The directive it too far-reaching, right into our schools & locker rooms with showers. Undoubtedly many straight-thinking (liberals & conservatives alike) parents object to. It hasn’t worked around the country, or even in Canada.

Even a grade-school kid came up with a far better idea, by suggesting that all public bathrooms be constructed not unlike ones they used on airliners. That way momma can send in her son or daughter into the bathroom & not worry about anyone being in the bathroom, good or bad.

Another big problem it that you can’t legally ask these folk their birth gender, or any question of that nature, lest you get sued.

The directive is causing more real dangerous problems by bringing the ‘transgender’ debate to the forefront. That will surely bring more out extremest nut-cases to further isolate or even murder some of them as is happening today.

We are only talking about 3 to 4% of our population, so why not offer more physological treatment for their conditions rather than shocking 96% our children in the shower with a ‘transgender’ person that has not had surgurey with both genes..


San Louie

Let’s break this down…

Straight males and females seemed to have no problem with having M and F restrooms. Same goes for homosexual males and females. It appears the problems begins and ends with transvestites, be they straight or homosexual.

I haven’t heard too many complaints from female to male transvestites. I don’t think most would care one way or the other if such persons used the men’s room. It seems that 99.99% of the whining is from males who pretend to be females. An interesting point is that if they were actually passable as females, there wouldn’t be an issue. No one would know, they could pretend as much as they want.

The worst part is the politicians scrambling to get on their knees to placate these transvestites. How terribly sad. Maybe the trannys simply need to make sure to go to the can before leaving home?


Looking at this guy I may have to endorse the one stall bathroom. He looks like he may be a toe tapper?


Volumes of evidence.

That this guy may be the clown who has been frightening little children everywhere.


Ladies, Gentlemen, and Others…Please remain seated for the entire performance.

Phil Ting Loo


Having worked at Home Depot; where they have these bathrooms, it seems pretty obvious that they are for use by anyone. Did we really need another law on the books to clarify this? What a waste of taxpayer money and corporate resources.


Hmmm…. TINGkle signs. There’s money in that, I tell ya.


Another home run…

Just the signing for ADA/special needs requirements is outrageous, especially when one considers the added costs…


100 years from now there will be university students writing their PHD disertations on the obsession our decade is having with bathrooms. They will likely wonder how we survived. At the same time they will marvel at the 2016 election and mark this year as the decline and fall of a great nation.

Ted Slanders


Don’t worry about the fall of this nation, the US is not dumb enough to elect Donald Trump!


Oh Ted, both candidates turn my stomach but I have stopped asking how bad can this election get. They seem to take it as a challenge!


The tie speaks volumes………


Volumes of what?


An inability to match items while dressing ones self. Really? when there is only one RR do we really need yet another sign to tell a man,woman,kid or those who are not sure they can use it?


He is not Thai, he is Taiwanese and don’t let the tie fool you, he is married with two kids.

He does have an agenda, no doubt about that


Anyone can be married today, to anyone, and can have anyone’s children. Duh!