Cow fart bill passes California Legislature

September 7, 2016

cowCalifornia legislators have approved a bill targeting cow flatulence and manure, which lawmakers blame for releasing greenhouse gases. The legislation aims to reduce methane emissions related to manure to 40 percent below 2013 levels by 2030. [CBS San Francisco]

Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) authored the bill, which passed shortly before the end of the legislative session. Lara agreed to a compromise that will give dairy farms more time to comply with the new regulations.

Critics have expressed concerns the new regulations will result in an increase in the price of milk from California cows. Proponents of the bill say methane emissions have a huge influence on the climate.

The legislation also calls for efforts that would significantly increase composting in order to eliminate the amount of food waste in landfills. Food waste releases methane when it breaks down.

Russ J

Jerry’s world – typical moon beamer on psychedelics. Can’t wait to see the fart catcher technology that comes forward. They’ll never catch up to the copious tons of methane released at Porter Ranch this year. Where was the government when Sempra energy decided to leave an old un-maintained safety valve in place for decades? Oh that’s right, Jerry’s sister is a paid board member of that irresponsible corporation that screwed the residents of Porter Ranch from every direction.


Another thing, there are just under 100 million cows in the US, before the white man came estimates as high as 125 million buffalo were here. Buffalo don’t fart?


Another baby step in the march to make us all vegetarians…


i love potty humour. i worked with the government of Rwanda/World Bank/United Nations regarding methane gas pools. shit to energy. Ricardo Lara, Bell Gardens. that place has stunk for years. doesn’t he have anything better to do? oh yeah… the bullet train.

who the heck are we electing?

yes, i am angry


And yet nothing is done to eliminate the noxious gases that emanate from Sacramento


Introduced by a Democrat living in Los Angeles. I’ll bet he owns an SUV and his lawn is green too.

I wonder if he talked with any of the “blue collar immigrant households” in the valley (like the one he claims to have been born in) who will loose their jobs as a result of dairies having to choose between spending $ to meet yet another moronic statute, or paying employees.

My God, when will the democratic BS end that makes products produced in California uncompetitive in the marketplace?

P.S. if you own a heavy truck in California, you also have Ricardo to thank for having to replace your engine(s) too.


yes, i need to look this guy up. LA and Orange have been chasing dairies out of town for 60 years. (to put in tract homes; better tax base) I’m moving back to Salinas/Aromas to stop all ag and put in affordable housing for Syrian refugees. good thing i have a home in NW Wyoming…just me and the moose


there are bigger fish to fry. bullet train is a huge cow fart. rookie congressman; tackle some real issues


Yet we have no regulation for the grieves amount of BS they pass nor do we have any recovery of taxpayer funds while they continually try to pass bills that have already been turned down before because they were already in effect under another law.The latest batch of gun laws that were turned down by moonbeam as a case in point.The nuts are running the asylum.


At first I thought this was a joke and then realized that it isn’t. So I guess that in the near future we will be seeing catalytic converters for cows. If that works I can see that in the future, after million of dollars in studies, that someone will declare that it works. So everybody get ready to be converted over to no green gases as every living thing will have a catalytic converter.

With that said i think we can bypass the study for our Sacramento politicians as this certifies that they are full of caca.

Jorge Estrada

This is ridiculous! Given the population of people, we out fart any head count of cattle. Next the fan in your bathroom ceiling will become a required fart recovery system, another way to generate a new revenue wind for the already over active hot air, bad air gov employment.


you make me laugh. who the _ _ _ _ _ do we have in Sacramento? Obviously no one. Where is the common sense. That dope.