DA charges jail nursing supervisor with theft

September 23, 2016
Susan Cameron

Susan Cameron

A San Luis Obispo County Jail nursing supervisor was charged earlier this month with petty theft, being under the influence and possession of a controlled substance, all misdemeanors.

On June 7, Susan Cameron allegedly distracted her coworkers with cake before stealing an inmate’s prescription methadone. A security camera caught Cameron stealing and ingesting the opioid, according to court records.

The next day, Cameron was discovered unresponsive with foam coming from her mouth, at her home in Cayucos. Cameron was given a shot of Narcan, an opioid blocker that can reverse an overdose, and transported to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center.

Cameron’s coworkers told a sheriff department investigator of multiple incidents in which Cameron failed to follow drug dispensing protocols and that her behavior was of concern.

“That behavior consisted of rambling, fidgety, pale and diaphoretic (heavy sweating),” according to court records.

Nevertheless, for years department heads had dismissed multiple complaints regarding Cameron’s alleged drug use and behavior.

If convicted on all three charges, Cameron faces a maximum of two years in jail.

Human Being

The term “news” is used loosely to describe this publication. The writer of this piece, and many who have commented on it, forget how much it would have hurt them to have their worst moments published, with unattributed comments, and embellished by untruths and half-truths. The writer should consider the impact of her words, unattributed comments, embellishments and half-truths on the accused and her family. Perhaps the writer has had no worst moments. Maybe if we dig a little bit we can find some ……..


Not sure why you don’t consider this to be news. If it were just a sad story of drug addiction and misuse I would agree with you. But if the allegation here are true this person basically denied inmates proper medical care for years by consuming their medications. Furthermore there are reports that the institution knew this was going on or at least ignored the possibility, and retaliated against those who tried to report what was going on.

Human Being

What is the source of your presumption that care was denied to inmates? The unattributed comments in this article?

Annie oakley

Yes it must be terrible and humiliating to be accused and exposed. That must have been exactly how the people Susan wrongfully accused and used to hide her secret and illegal behaivor felt. The difference is, they didnt do it. Which to me seems worse than what the above comments requesting humane behaivor towards the “worse times” of ones life. Creating and fabricating serious allegations against innocent human beings isn’t deserved. Perhaps that is the lesson that Susan needs to gain from this difficult time in her life.


Well, I just wonder what the Board of Registered Nursing will do. That is separate from these proceedings. This woman needs to receive drug treatment and have limited, supervised access to medications.

I just hope the upper management does not try to punish rank and file staff, as was alluded to in a previous article.

Just sad all around.

Downtown Bob

This woman has an issue. No one was harmed. The authorities let thieves, rapists, and others out with less of a punishment that many of you guys are calling for. Let him that is without sin cast the first stone. If you are honest with yourself none of you are any better than this lady.

Annie oakley

People were harmed. This was not a victimless crime. Susan’s underlings were wrongfully accused, retailiated against and lost their jobs. Inmates died under poor management and a revolving door of nurses who were forced out by Susan’s doing. This woman with “an issue” commited petty theft, she IS one of the “theives… and others” getting a “lesser punishment”. This is not a meer issue. This is karma.

Jorge Estrada

I do not know all the legal ease on this issue but it seems to me that the charge does not fit the crime thence a slap on the hand may be levied. If it were my call, her probation would be to care for seniors, as an LVN, for 5 years before any evaluation could result in her eligibility to perform at here previous capacity. This would include a, career life, mandatory drug testing requirement for employment eligibility. As most managers know, behavior is very difficult to change and to include and addiction nature, god help her.


She is benefiting from not being properly charged as a “FELONY” under both the Federal Statues, DEA Regulations, State Penal code the Health and Safety code as well as several others ALL Felonies.

The law requires that the DEA be notified at US DOJ-DEA Regulatory Section/ODG 8701 Morrissette Dr., Springfield, VA 22152 as of this morning the DEA/DOJ have NOT been informed of her crimes as required by Law. 21 U.S.C.A. Sec 801 et al

as well as 812 C.S.A. along with the state’s Penal Codes, H & S codes (Felonies)

The SLOSO as well as many other local departments have not notified the DEA of abuse, misuse, theft, etc under Federal Statutes 21 C.F.R. sec.1301.76 (b) nor has as required by Federal Law which supersedes state law that the SLOSO has NOT as required by law filed DEA Form 106 where use, theft, misuse, abuse, theft, lost etc of this narcotic.

Something or someone is covering up for her ? if they properly notify the DEA which as of 20 minutes ago in DC have NOT been notified as required by Law after I spoke to them they were unaware of this matter and have not been legally notified.

She will go to first offenders program, get her retirement undergo therapy as an addict and go home living off the taxpayers. This is very odd, as the SLOPD/SO as well as other have not only perjured themselves before three local judges, to obtain false perjured warrants of which i am very familiar with. Recently i attended an out of area Organized Crime seminar and one question was about this very case, as well as one lawyer inquiring about two local detectives who committed crimes and yet got away with the criminal misconduct.

The judges named who got lied too under oath are Harman, Federman, LaBarbara

no one is above the law, yet ms. Cameron slides on a minor misdemeanor ?

This case is an example of a ” Kick Back” or “Preferential Treatment” if she was properly charged and a real investigation conducted she might have rolled over on others in the criminal aspect of this case.


Scott- wow, thanks for your revelations. Somebody needs to seriously dig into this can of worms. And dig real deep.


it has been well known and discussed for years that Susan was a drug user and that she would help herself to inmate’s meds and then throw her underlings under the bus. who has protected her all of this time and why is my question? through the years several staff were fired due to her sticky fingers in the dispensary.

Indy thinker

Sounds like a bunch of “let’s cover our asses” work being done before the worms get out.


I had an assignment that included auditing certain protocols at Sierra Vista Hospital. Two of the night shift nurses had alcohol on their breath when I arrived in the early morning hours. This may seem unrelated to this jail employee, but this sort of thing happens EVERYWHERE (including the place they took this county jail employee to-to treat her). I reported these nurses, and went back a month later to see a friend in the hospital (but arrived really early) and there was one nurse I filed a report on–with alcohol on her breath.

Testing for alcohol and drugs on a voluntary basis–should be ongoing and randomly conducted. Whether it is the County Jail–or the hospital they took this woman to–this crap is everywhere–and it continues despite multiple complaints. Jails AND hospitals both have active alcoholics and addicts in their midst–and are very remiss at dealing with it.


Given everything that is going on police departments should drug test, all personnel, but the police union has fought it every time.


Most would volunteer totes the drugs.


When department heads dismiss multiple complaints of violations that turn out to be fact, it’s clear incompetence is coming from the top. This is the same jail that has the abnormally high death rate among inmates. It’s obvious to everyone there is a glaring management failure on many levels yet no department heads have been terminated. Once again we are witnessing an ongoing example of cronyism in government entities that allow department heads to skate free of repercussions. Sheriff Parkinson’s should step away from his mirror long enough to do his job instead of seeking televised fluff pieces or rehearsing for the Phyllis Madonnas follies. Besides, Parkinson needs to make sure the county jail has enough space to house all those drug smugglers he has been capturing with his mega bucks boat.