Dawn Ortiz-Legg does not understand the legal system

September 20, 2016
Jordan Cunningham

Jordan Cunningham


Dawn Ortiz-Legg’s negative ads against Jordan Cunningham in the upcoming State Assembly race tell us much more about her than about him.

I have known Jordan for many years, and served with him as a Deputy District Attorney in San Luis Obispo County. He is a hard-working, honest, and intelligent man, having graduated from the prestigious University California Berkeley Boalt Hall School of Law.

After he left the District Attorney’s Office but before he began his own practice, Jordan worked at Adams, Moroski, Madden, Cumberland & Green, a highly-rated law firm in Avila Beach. And yes, he was assigned to represent clients in criminal cases.

Defendants have a right to be represented by counsel and to the presumption of innocence. Ortiz-Legg’s ads imply some guilt by association because Jordan has represented clients charged with crimes. She apparently does not understand the criminal justice system, or feels that criminal defendants are not entitled to a vigorous defense.

Jordan’s work as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney makes him that much more knowledgeable when it comes to addressing the needs of law enforcement and of our citizens. I’m voting for him.

Karen Gray worked as a San Luis Obispo County deputy district attorney before her retirement.


Some out-of-town political consultant is clearly giving poor advice to Dawn Ortiz-Legg. Why on earth would she attack Cunningham’s legal background? I predict this will blow up in Legg’s face and galvanize conservative turnout in November.

If I were Salud, I’d be pissed right now because this is going to spill over into his race and he doesn’t need it!


The assembly district is Republican. The Rep will win, even if he’s not fit for dogcatcher (not saying that’s the case, just making a point). The Dem is a sacrificial lamb, a name on the ballot so it’s not blank. She’s not important enough to waste all this fuss about.


Then explain the $400K of Sacramento money she just spent on TV and radio spots.


As a Decline to State voter, it’s not about R or D for me. It’s about character, competence and integrity. When I watch a debate, and one candidate is making thoughtful replies while the other acts like she’s still in high school, that’s what guides my thinking. I want someone who will clean up the gross politics and pass laws that favor my way of life. Cunningham seemed more prepared than Ortiz-Legg, and that matters if they want my vote.

Mike Morgan

Legg supports Code Pink. Whats next; tales about her abduction by Martians?


No, Legg founded the Code Pink chapter in SLO. More than just a supporter.

Mike Morgan

My God!


What’s code pink?


Not only has Ms. Ortiz-Legg lost the support of the most reliable and powerful Democrat party backer, the California Teacher’s Association which has *gasp* backed Republican Cunningham, but she has ostensibly insulted the second most reliable Dem backer, the Trial Lawyer’s Association. What’s next Ms. Ortiz-Legg, are you going to dump on the AFL-CIO?

Amateurs in Action.


The players know who’s going to win — that’s why they’re making friends. That’s politics, folks.

Little Abuse

Great job Karen Gray. The political ad is an insult to anyone with a high school education. Ortiz-Legg should take the hit but even more so her consulting group Acosta Consulting in Sacramento who produced the ad for her and is running her campaign. Not only did she, and the Dem. Party approve it, they paid large for it.


Ortiz-Legg is the founder of the local branch of the far-left, anti-American, anti-military terrorist activist group Code Pink. These people are on the extreme end of the SJW spectrum, vandalizing recruiting storefronts, attacking grieving families at military funerals, disrupting lawmakers in their chambers and generally behaving like destructive infants. They belong in the same dumpster as the Westboro Baptist Church family. As the founder, this woman cannot be trusted to behave in a normal manner if she lucks out and gets elected.


I honestly don’t know anything about either Cunningham or Ortiz-Legg. I don’t know if they have party affiliations. My only knowledge is from the Ortiz-Leggs radio ads I have heard this week — and they have led me to believe that Ortiz-Legg is a dishonest smear merhcant, and Cunningham was probably a qualified defense attorney or public defender in his career.

Ortiz-Legg is in the gutter.


It’s “Adamski” Moroski etc etc but regardless, Jordan seems like a very capable fella. Got my vote.


Thank you for clearing up the name of the law firm. I was wondering why I had never heard of the “Adams” firm. With all due respect to Moroski etc. etc., who are all fine capable lawyers, its the “Adamski” name that rings the bell.


Ortiz-Legg doesn’t care about the truth.


Succinctly and intelligently put. I would see more from Karen Gray.