SLO temporarily halts Chinatown project over Chumash aqueduct

September 20, 2016


The city of San Luis Obispo has issued a stop-work order to Copeland Properties, the developer of the Chinatown project. The developer reportedly planned to remove a 250-year-old aqueduct that was built by the Chumash.

Last year, archeologist Barry Price and his team of workers unearthed the aqueduct, which the Chumash constructed during the mission-era. The aqueduct is located near Palm Street in downtown San Luis Obispo.

San Luis Obispo’s cultural heritage committee has been negotiating with Copeland Properties in an attempt to at least preserve the aqueduct and possibly have it kept on display. But, the developer does not necessarily have to comply with the wishes of archeologists, the local Chumash community and others who want to preserve the aqueduct.

With the stop-work order in effect, city officials are reviewing development plans and exploring possible ways to preserve the artifact. The order only applies to the section of the construction site where the aqueduct is located.

The Chinatown project includes a hotel, apartments, retail space and underground parking.

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Build around it. Make it a museum display. Charge money. I’d pay to see it. New SLO tourist attraction.


Funniest post I’ve read here all week.

Sam: You supposed to put $1.50 in that slot if you want to walk over there and look at that ditch.

George: Ok, here’s $3 lets both do it.

They walk over to the exhibit.

Sam. Yup, that’s a ditch all right.

George. How do we get our money back?

Oh! the irony…..

This is all code for “Hey Copeland Brothers Jan Marx needs a special donation to her re-election campaign, do so and suddenly your stop work order will be lifted”…..