Dawn Ortiz-Legg’s ads are dirty and dishonest

September 15, 2016
Dawn Ortiz-Legg

Dawn Ortiz-Legg


Dawn Ortiz-Legg’s dirty attack ads on the television and radio are misleading.

Here are the facts: Jordan Cunningham is the candidate supported by virtually all of law enforcement. That includes District Attorney Dan Dow, Sheriff Ian Parkinson, Sheriff Bill Brown, California Correctional Peace Officers Association, California Association of Highway Patrolmen, Crime Victims United, California State Sheriffs’ Association, Peace Officers Research Association of California, as well as about 50 other local police officers, deputy district attorneys, and public safety officials.

They support Jordan Cunningham because he is a former prosecutor for the county, and they know he will pursue policies that will keep our communities safe.

Don’t believe Dawn Ortiz-Legg’s dirty ads. Jordan’s endorsements speak loudly and he is the obvious choice of Law Enforcement for the Central Coast.

Gary Gilbert served in the Korean War. He has lived in Paso Robles for eight years.

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Actually, her tv ads made no sense at all. He was a successful prosecutor. Therefore, he is a horrible person and worse candidate.

You can’t make this stuff up. Amazing.

Anyone who believes Dawn Ortiz-Leggs ads has never met Jordan Cunningham or spent any time with him. He’s a decent hard working person who wants to give back to his community. A very simple answer to what is wrong with much of politics today.

He had to leave the DA’s office if he was to run for the assembly. What was he to do, become unemployed? Looking at his website, he is a young father of four kids. Making a living as a lawyer is an honorable profession. Just look at Lincoln or Adams for Pete’s sake.

What I find very interesting is that the California Teacher’s Association, the largest and most powerful Democrat leaning union is endorsing…Jordan Cunningham! So of course Ortiz-Legg is desparate and slinging what she perceives as mud. It isn’t it.

She is a cipher who emerged from her leadership with the local Code Pink loons who went around protesting our military and otherwise looking foolish. That’s the best the Dems in this district could do.

Were he working at the DA’s office he would NOT have to leave in order to run for assembly – only if he were elected. However, he left the DA’s office years ago and went to work for a local firm defending the type of criminals he had prosecuted for “the people”. Not sure why he left that firm after a short time.

Jordan Cunningham took a normal career path whereby he served as a prosecutor for the District Attorney’s Office, left to become a defense attorney with a firm, and then set up his own legal office. This is a very common career path for attorneys whereby they gain experience in our legal system before setting out on their own.

Please remember that in our country, one is considered innocent until proven guilty, and that everyone is entitled to counsel. Working as a defense attorney doesn’t mean that one supports criminals unless you’re Dawn Ortiz-Legg who must be totally ignorant of how our legal system works or is willing to do any dirty trick to get elected. That, of course, would fit her background perfectly since she was a co-founder of Code Pink, an organization known for dirty tricks.

MR. Jordan Cunningham, Esq.

Is the most honest, ethical man I have ever got to know, he is a family man, a man of faith, his father Lee Cunningham is of the best of the best and raised a great son in Jordan. Jordan has my vote and that of many of my fellow Veterans.

He is a great role model to all, he was a great DDA and is a wonderful Lawyer, defending those who need a great lawyer. To see how Ms. Legg’s distortions of the facts, lies and misleads the public. It shows the that she is a liar, full of utter contempt. She will not serve the best interest for we the people.

It imperative to know the facts and truth all mean something, Ms.Legg’s has no truth or facts in her ” False Dirty Tricks” are now exposed. Mr. Cunningham, Esq. is a man of the people, for the people and will be our next Voice in Sacramento.

VOTE YES, Jordan Cunningham, Esq.

also, Mr Cunningham has NO CRIMINAL RECORD!!! unlike his opponent

I listened to ads and they seem mild compared to some others. I am voting for Dawn because she comes from the private business sector. What we definitely don’t need is another lawyer in public office. By the way, I am a Republican, but this state is so controlled by the dems that we should focus on the candidates background and experience, rather than party label.

With that kind of logic, you really should switch parties. I’m guessing your voting for legal dope too.

You’re, not your

Does anybody care to tell us for what office these candidates are running?

If Cunningham hadn’t been playing up his prosecutorial background so much (at least in the ads I have heard/seen), I would be more sympathetic to calling Ortiz-Legg’s ads “dirty and dishonest.” They don’t leave me with a positive impression of her but strike me as pretty much standard political fare in our campaign process. Nothing to get excited about in other words.

I will probably be voting for Cunningham but it will be because we need someone who will oppose the Democrats in the State Legislature. I strongly suspect that Ortiz-Legg would be just another machine puppet on issues not unique to our county.

I wonder if she is using the same advisors as Tom O’Malley who has started his attacks on his opponent for Mayor of Atascadero. A couple of dirty players that no one needs and shouldn’t want.

You are right about Tom O’Malley, but Nick Madison is supported by Eric Michelson and Jim Patterson and that scares me more than O’Malley. Wish the business woman running would make herself known, because I am ready for a change, just not Madison and more liberal bull!

Nick Mattson is not supported by either Jim Patterson or Eric Michelson. That information was provided by the San Luis Obispo County Republican office and by other city sources. This false information was provided to Mike Messmer at KPRL, it’s on their webpage, who ran with it. Nick Mattson was on sound off yesterday and stated that those were false statements by Mike Messmer and was immediately shut down on making any further comment.

Once again the Tom O’Malley hit team is rolling into action. The current president of the San Luis Obispo Republican party is married to a current Atascadero city council member who is also running for re-election. The local Republican party is now running scared that an honest and ethical person is running against their power player and their little group who are trying to control Atascadero. They are probably going to pull out all of the strings to discredit Mr. Mattson.

It’s time that the citizens of Atascadero stand up against these tactics that O’Malley and his players have been playing for years. There is a reason why O’Malley has 13 letters on file from the FPPC (Fair Political Practice Commission) regarding what may be a legal action but described by the FPPC as unethical behavior.

i don’t watch much television and my only radio is in my truck which I rarely drive so I’ve no knowledge of the commercials you reference. And I don’t doubt it when you say Mr, Cunningham is endorsed by some politicians and public employee unions.

But I did receive some mail from him recently and was amused by his self-description as “a small business owner.” In fact, he’s a criminal defense lawyer. From his “small business” website:

“Jordan handles both misdemeanor and felony cases, including but not limited to:

driving under the influence (DUI),

domestic violence,

assault and battery,

resisting/obstructing an officer,

possession of fake identification and minor in possession,

public intoxication,

drug charges”

He is, as you say, a former prosecutor. But then he switched sides. There’s nothing wrong with that. As long as there are criminals there will be a need for criminal defense lawyers and I’m sure there’s money to be made there. I have friends I respect who are attorneys, criminal defense and otherwise. It’s a good profession.

I suppose I could speculate why Mr. Cunningham doesn’t want voters to know what he does for a living but I won’t. He has his reasons and I’ll leave it to him to explain if he so chooses.


Dawn Ortiz-Legg who describes herself as a small business owner is a consultant or independent contractor. Her “small business” is her company offering her services. Cunningham’s small business is his company ( law office) offering his services. Technically, both are small business owners.

I agree and certainly wouldn’t suggest otherwise. I’ve never before heard an attorney describe her/his profession as small business owner. I also happen to be a small business owner but when asked what I do for a living I’ll say real estate broker or buyer’s broker.

Let’s be honest here. Neither lawyers nor real estate brokers are held in particularly high esteem as groups. Still, I fess up to my profession; Mr. Cunningham doesn’t. An evasive politician isn’t particularly noteworthy but in reference to the above opinion piece it needed to be pointed out.

Founding Father John Adams defended the British Solders responsible for the Boston Massacre, yet because Jordon Cunningham worked in the Judicial system seeing that Americans received their Constitutional rights to a fair trial he is disqualified?

Who are these leftists Loons who believe these attack ads will work?

Dawn Ortiz-Leggs should be ashamed of herself for this dishonest campaign dirty trick.

The Voters here are smarter than the political hack consultants that dreamed up these ads!