Great white spotted in Morro Bay Harbor, video

September 10, 2016


The captain of Morro Bay Boat Charters took a  video of an 18 foot to 20 foot great white shark about a mile from the south jetty at the Morro Bay Harbor on Thursday.

While boating, Micheal Brink spotted a dead pacific common dolphin and went to investigate. The dolphin’s remains did not clearly show a cause of death, so Brink placed his GoPro camera in the water.

Shortly after the camera went into the water, a great white shark appeared and rubbed up against Blank’s 28 foot Zodiac RIB Vessel. Blank estimated the shark to be between 10 feet to 20 feet long.


Morro Bay Great White Shark Sept 8 2016 from Morro Bay Boat Charters on Vimeo.



  1. NorthCountyGuy says:

    Great Whites will flee when Orcas are around. What did the CDFW do with the Orcas?

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  2. Vagabond says:

    That would be in Estero Bay, not Morro Bay Harbor

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  3. Perspicacious says:

    If Adam Hill fell in the ocean with that shark, why wouldn’t it attack him?

    Professional courtesy.

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  4. obispan says:

    Sharks gotta eat too.

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    Do Great Whites Lives matter is certainly hope so.

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  6. modernwelding says:

    Wonder how long it will take CDFW to issue a fine?

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    • Pelican1 says:

      There are already too many sharks IN Morro Bay…namely the Mayor and city council.

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      • Chinaski says:

        Oh snap! I see what you did there…sharks in the water, sharks in the government. Wow, you don’t find that kind of wit just anywhere!

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  7. Side_Show_Bob says:

    Howzabout “near” Morro Bay Harbor, not “in” Morro Bay Harbor? There’s a significant difference between 1 mile outside the Jetty and “in” the harborear!

    Just sayin’…

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  8. Perspicacious says:

    If you are a mile south of the south jetty you are not IN Morro Bay Harbor. The Great White was not IN the harbor.

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