Homeless woman stabbed in Santa Maria

September 27, 2016

knifeA homeless was stabbed early Monday while she was camping in a trashcan enclosure behind two businesses in Santa Maria. Police said the woman suffered potentially life-threatening injuries, but she is reportedly recovering from surgery. [KSBY]

Santa Maria police and fire personnel responded to the stabbing in the 2400 block of Professional Parkway. Officers searched the area but did not locate a suspect.

The stabbing occurred in the area where a dental office stores its trashcans. An employee of the dental office said homeless people frequently camp in the area.

Dental office workers often have to call the police because homeless people will not leave the area, the employee said. Sometimes, homeless individuals camp outside the doors to the office, blocking employees from entering the building.

The homeless also leave hazardous waste in the area, the worker said. Police officers have been responding by issuing approximately $200 tickets to homeless individuals they find camping in the city.

Detectives are reviewing surveillance footage in attempt to find the stabbing suspect. Investigators request that anyone who has information about the case call the police department.

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F*** This…

There’s a point in time when one should realize that when old remedies aren’t working new ones have to be done. No, not “explored”… Done! We know what it would take, we know the remedies that work, they’ve been there since man learned to plant crops and build sticks and stones huts. We know there is no GOOD reason for that woman to be in that dumpster encloser in the first place let alone be stabbed in one. We know no person should have to wonder where he or she will lay their head at night let alone where they can piss and shit!

Here we are though, still stuck in this same old conversation that only makes obvious our failures without THE solution ever being put forth. Stupid, so f***ing stupid…

Stop f***cking talking about the cost while continuing to pay for “solutions” that more often than not fail. Stop using short term finger in the hole stopgaps that only exacerbate this shit! Stop making this a political issue and make it a community one. Stop excluding those with DIRECT AND RELATIVE EXPERIENCE from the conversation! And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE stop using the likes of CAPSLO, who do nothing but profit from this shit, to come up with any real permanent solution.

The soluition we all know of? The one we’ve so complicated in rhetoric and poliical correctiveness? Here it is… WE HOUSE THOSE WHO WANT HOUSING AND ACCEPT THE DECISION OF THOSE WHO DON’T! Forget about what got them into their current situation for the time being and address the immediate problem of housing them. No, not in some f***ing shelter; a home! A place with a bathroom down the hall from their bedroom, a kitchen next to their living room, a front door that closes out the world and provides some safety and a whole lot of preace of mind! Some place they can walk into whenever they want and or need to and feel at HOME!!!

In this country right now there are almost 20,000,000 vacant homes and the best we can do for the 1,500,000 to 2,000,000 homeless in this country is a f***cking shelter? Are we really that stupid? Or are we just that callous…

Oh yea! The next time you tell “a homeless” not to shit or piss somewhere please be sure you can tell them where to when you’re asked “Where should I go then?” If not? Shut the f*** up and keep steppin’!

Issuing $200 loitering tickets to the homeless will really fix the problem…what a joke. You think homeless people have $200 lying around to pay a ticket? Think they will show up for their court appearance when they are just trying to survive to the next day? So the ticket becomes a delinquent ticket, fines and fees are tacked on. This ticket will become a $1000 to $2000 ticket in a matter of months. These people’s ability to obtain a driver license will be suspended, because loitering is considered a traffic violation. Their ability to get credit will be destroyed because the state now sends delinquent tickets to collection agencies and reports the non-payment to credit agencies. This policy of ticketing homeless as some kind of punitive motivation to get their lives together is baloney…you have just sunk them further into the dark pit of homelessness…

It’s not about a punitive measure to get thier lives together, it’s about criminalizing a social and community challenge in an attemp to “persuade” them to leave. Being “a homeless” is not breaking the law so what is done is you make up laws that overwhelming effect “a homeless” to try and disuade them from first coming to your area and secondly to try and persude those already here to leave.

One other thing… In California that “camping ticket” that goes to warrant is, if I remember correctly, a “want warrent” which means you will be arrested and jailed for it. Now on the surface that sounds reasonable, but when you consider that there is no statute of limitations on that warrant it could effect “a homeless” years down the road, even to the point of being extradited back to the issuing jurisdiction from anywhere in the country AT THE TAX PAYERS EXPENSE!

You spent more time in the article explaining the negetive effects the homeless has on business than the negetive effect the knife had on that woman! Typical… And only in “The Happiest Place on Earth” would an article refer to someone as “a homeless”! Maybe next time you could at least capitalize the “h” in “a homeless”?! It would at least give the impression that they have at least some value….

Santa Maria is not “The Happiest Place on Earth”, sorry to state the fact, L.A.RamsFan

No one has a right to stab or abuse any other human being regardless of their situation as well as no one as the right to trespass or abuse private property. Sounds like this office did the right thing in contacting law enforcement. Would be interesting to have a follow up to this story as to who the perpetrator and hopefully dealt with to the full extent of the law.

It’s so close though…

Maybe we should share some of that happiness with them? Why not, the “Happiest Place on Earth” sure shares their contempt for them without regards to geography why can’t I include them in SLO’s montra as well? Or maybe your selfishness is so ingrained that you won’t even share the “happiness” with your close neighbor Santa Maria. No wonder the homeless don’t stand a chance with folks like you….

I’m sorry?! Wouldn’t it also be “interesting” to know who the woman was, what her circumstances were/are, how she came to be in that enclosure? Nah!!!! Just another peice of trash left behind by waiste management…

Believe what you want in your reality world! I am sure you have invited homeless to your home many times for special occasions, or taken them home for a shower and meal with the family, or provided more than a financial donation which is always appreciated. I actually volunteer weekly with the poor and homeless and within guidelines for structure and safety we feed, clothe, transport, etc. When homeless do not or can not accept provided services because of their addictions or behavior issues that does not give them the right to trespass or threaten local citizens or property. This diminishes the good work we do and gives those wanting our help and assistance a bad name and gives homelessness issues in general a bad name.

I HAVE done all of those things, and still do TODAY! You? How ’bout you? Tell us all about your recent, if ever, experience with a homeless person sitting down at your table enjoying a meal with your family! Using your shower! Sleeping in one of your beds! Can you? Will you ever be able to?

How can any good thing be diminshed if it is done for the good and not for the appearance of good. You or anyone else cannot diminish anything I do because I know what I do is not motivated by anything other than it being the right thing, the good thing, to do. You can’t diminish GOOD but you can always diminsh the appearance of good.

No, I usually don’t give money to someone who comes up and asks for it, and no I don’t donate to any chartible orginization other than The Salavation Army. I will however ask the person who asks me for money what they need or want and if it’s either food or something needed or reasonable and I can afford it I’ll get it.

Why The Salvation Army only? Two reasons… I volunteered at a Christmas Distribution Center that they had set up in Anaheim and I saw the absolute GOOD they did for so many in such a short time that it left me speechless! They spent the time, effort and money to orginize a program called “Adopt A Family” with local businesses that took 500 of the most needy families and mandated that every child in that family had at least $500 spent towards Christmas gifts! I saw literally thousands of families and individuals pick up food boxes that insured they had a real Christmas meal. I watched the Anaheim PD, Orange County Sheriff’s Department and the California Highway Patrol facilitate the security and traffic control of this whole process with the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen (the traffic on Interstate 5 starting at the Orangethorpe Ave exit and working its way south west was backed up for two miles). It was frickin’ amazing. Then I read an article on how many of the CEO’s and other corporate officers from the likes of Goodwill, The American Red Cross and others have salaries all to often in the six figure realm and where only about 5 to 10 cents of every dollar actually went anywhere other then to those they purpose directly benefit from those donations. On the other hand the article pointed out that TSA does the same things with their highest paid individual making $12,000.00 a year (housing is included in his “benefit” package) and 90 to 95 cents of every dollar reaching those who need it!

I have offered up THE solution… You can read it above.

Oh my, not in Santa Maria… I would ask where this dental office is so I never encounter but since I would never step foot in the current Santa Maria I really don’t care. This is so disgusting especially for a business office but not surprising for Santa Maria. YUKE!

Was the stabbing disgusting or the fact that homeless HUMANS sometimes camp there? And you wouldn’t go there because…? Yea, your’e right, having “a homeless” anywhere around is far worse than having the person who stabbed her on the property, right? I guess it’s less disgusting when “a homeless” gets stabbed at a homeless shelter or at least somewhere out of sight, right? That way their not seen and if their hurt seriously enough we may get lucky and have one less “a homeless” disgusting you?


It shoud have been “they’re” and not “their”…. Damn fingers out sprint my mind sometimes!

I was referencing the fact of another disgusting act of violence in Santa Maria. These violent acts occur almost weekly in Santa Maria.

In response to your presumed assumption regarding the disgust of homeless, and we all know what happens when one assumes, like all lives matter, no human being should be stabbed, beaten, kicked or abused because they are homeless or otherwise. Yet, homeless trespassing or loitering on private property to sleep, do their hygiene or any other act is also unacceptable without permission but homeless should not be attacked but dealt with in a lawful nonviolent manner.

Hope this clears up your assertion of my post.

Almost weekly? rofl…. try “hourly”

I would ask you to re-read your own post and ask yourself if maybe your wording didn’t fuel the “presumed assumption”. But thanks for clearing that up for me… Oh yea, one other thing… Please tell me and the other posters your plan with dealing with these people in a “lawful non-violent manner”.

This women was in dumpster enclosure, A DUMPSTER ENCLOSURE! How in the hell does any human being get to that point? Maybe she felt safe there, maybe she was trying to stay out of peoples way and out of their sight and judgemental eyes or maybe she had just gotten to a point where the obvious presumed assumptions of most that she was just a piece of trash anyway hit home and she was just hanging out with the rest of the trash…. You don’t know and even worse you CAN’T know because you’ve never been in that dumpster enclosure with her!

When you make being homeless (being without a home, can you even wrap your head around that? Probably not as you’ve probably never been there, done that, in your life) indirectly illegal this will alway be the by product (if you don’t think that’s the case then explain to me and the other posters how the “no camping ordinance” came about in SLO, or the no sitting or lying on sidewalks law came about in San Fransisco, where the outlawed and unconstitutional law of vagrancy has popped up all over again in this country? Did these places all of a sudden have a large influx of “housed” people wanting to camp, lay around or sit on sidewalks without any “visible means of support”? No. Those laws and practices were meant to “deal with” the homeless population and nothing more!).

You’ve outlawed camping, you’ve shut down public restrooms, businesses restrict their bathrooms to “customers only” and then you bitch about these people doing their business in public? What f***ing choice to they have? And how apropos your concerns are over where they do their business while not providing any solution; a-typical of the “Happiest Place on Earth”.

Come up with some viable, real world solution(s) and then bitch! If you can’t bring soultions to the conversation you really don’t have any place in the conversation at all….

It sure doesn’t appear from your eulogy that you have found the answer yourself!. This is going to surprise you, but I volunteer with an organization that helps the homeless and disabled. Just because people are homeless does not give you them right to belittle working middle class citizens for protecting their property and rights as well as speaking out for and helping the homesless.. You are right, this is a big issue which is why we have homeless shelters, Salvation Army, Teen Universities, ServSafe Programs (Santa Barbara’s Salvation Army has a great example, The Hospitality House), Recovery Programs, Teen Challenge, Day Centers, etc.