Two SLO County politicians charged with election fraud

September 14, 2016

Lisa Marrone

Two members of the California Valley Community Services District Board of Directors are accused of felony voter election fraud for allegedly lying under penalty of perjury about where they live.

In order to sit on the district board or run for office, candidates are required to reside in the California Valley. However, both Misty Marie Lambert, 42, and Lisa Marrone, 57, allegedly signed documents declaring their candidacy that included false claims they live in the California Valley even though they live elsewhere.

Misty Lambert

Misty Lambert

The San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s filed felony election fraud complaints against both Lambert and Marrone that include charges of voter registration fraud, filing a false declaration of candidacy document, perjury by declaration and two counts each of offering a false instrument for recording. Marrone is also charged with a felony count of fraudulent voting on Election Day, regarding her votes on June 7. The other crimes are alleged to have been committed on various dates in June and August.

Warrants have been issued for the arrests of Lambert and Marrone.

Each of the felonies allegedly committed by Lambert and Marrone carry a maximum sentence of three years in jail, except the crime of perjury by declaration, which carries a maximum of four years in jail.

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What would motivate such behavior out in California Valley?

Has to be connected to the boom in Pot farms.

I thought criminal activity was a prerequisite to involvement in CVCSD.

They should just be the tip of the iceberg in this county.

You gotta fry some little fish to keep the pressure off going after the Whale…aka…Adam Hill.

They should assert the Hillary defense. It appears that perjury is no longer a crime, I guess unless you are anybody but a Clinton.

Wait, lying is bad now? I can’t keep track anymore.

Of all the law breaking politicians, this is all the DA can come up with?

To the DA: Its nice to see some effort to go after malfeasance but these are small fries … You want a real catch go after the likes of Tom O’Malley who is as crooked as they get.

I have to concur with you regarding Tom O’Malley. No one ever wants to talk about the fact that he has 13 letters on file from the FPPC regarding the unethical behavior that he performs in order to obtain financial gain thru his Portola Inn which was approved for a B&B although which is an actual event center that he advertises on the city’s webpage. Tom O’Malley is solely responsible for the loss of the Atascadero recycling center which resulted in the loss of 3-5 jobs and the loss of approximately $800,000 which was paid out to the community. Is this the type of leader that Atascadero wants or needs?

I could not agree with you more regarding Tom O’Malley. I actually thought we was not eligible this voting cycle, heartbroken! Then we have Eric Michielssen and Jim Patterson backing Madison for Mayor so that is not any better in my opinion. Ann Ketcherside is a local businesswomen who I have not heard anything about but I truly wish there was a real valid choice up against Tom O’Malley. This guy is a wingnut! I have been out in public and heard some of his and his friends’ conversations and they were disgusting. He thinks he owns Atascadero, sort of like Hillary’s mentality of ownership.

Don’t believe the rumor that Nick Mattson chief supporters are Jim Patterson and Eric Michelssen. This is all part of the Atascadero hit team for O’Malley. KPRL reported that “unofficially” they were contacted by the County Republican Office and other city sources.

Unofficial? O’Malley has to be right at the top of the list for being one of the most unethical elected officials this county has. Hopefully the citizens have had enough of this E.G. Lewis impostor running around in his costume looking for any photo op he can get.

It’s time for Atascadero to elect a real person who will represent all of the people and not just a narcistist.

How is perjury or fraud illegal in SLO County? CCN, did you not mean to say these are two future “Citizens of the Year” somewhere in this county? The only way I see them getting arrested and hassled is if they do not have a (D) after their names… maybe that’s it?