Female arsonist arrested for North County fires

September 16, 2016
Devorah Collins

Devorah Collins

A 58-year-old Bradley woman is charged with starting multiple fire in the Nacimiento Lake Drive area in North San Luis Obispo County. However, investigators ruled out that Devorah Collins had any involvement in the cause of the 46,000-acre Chimney Fire.

In late June, firefighters began battling a series of suspicious fires in the Nacimiento Lake area, according to Cal Fire. Investigators mounted an investigation which pointed at Collins as a suspect.

During an interview, Collins admitted to starting several fires, according to Cal Fire.

On Thursday, Cal Fire officers arrested Collins on eight counts of arson, two counts of manufacturing an incendiary device, two counts of use of a time delay device, eight counts of arson during a state of emergency and one count of resisting a peace officer and booked her into the San Luis Obispo County Jail with her bail set at $462,000.

Collins is due to be arraigned Monday in San Luis Obispo County Superior Court.

“Wildfires throughout California cause millions of dollars in damage and sometimes even take lives,” Cal Fire Unit Chief Scotty Jalbert said. “Those who intentionally start fires will be held accountable and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

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I am under the impression that fire bugs are much like pedophiles in that it is a drive in them that cannot be fixed.Am I wrong in that? At 58 I doubt this is just her new hobby so I wonder just how many she has really done.

Recidivism rates would suggest that all criminals have “a drive in them”. I don’t think you can put arsonists and pedophiles in some special category in that regard.

A little more detail on my earlier comment. Sex offenders have a recidivism rate of 14 percent and arsonists have a rate of 20 percent over a period of five years. Compare this to 82 percent for property offenders, 77 percent of drug offenders, 74 percent of public order offenders and 71 percent of violent offenders.

Jimmy because “bitch” is impolite.

This perp needs to experience the fires of hell.

More important…..bail is way too low

I intentionally started a fire in my BBQ today. I fully expect to be held accountable and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Maybe her Tinder profile “hot” and “smokin” meant something different.

“Female”? Do we really need that word in the headline?

What possible difference does it make?

Here is another current CCN headline: “Petetit and Belsher’s money woes widen”. Why not: “Petetit and Belsher’s (Two Males) money woes widen” instead?

Then again, I admit I’ve been brainwashed by the Cal Poly Dean of Political Correctness. Sorry.

It’s of interest because the overwhelming majority of arsonists are white males.

Do you have any proof of that, or is that just your assumption? In this area, the majority of criminals in general are white males because that accounts for the majority of the population.

My personal observation would be that recently in this area, the overwhelming majority of arsonists are homeless people of all races! Maybe we should call out that this one is not homeless?

According to a study by Cal Poly Pomona 90% of arsonists are white males so STFU.

“so STFU”


The title should have read, A Female With A Burning Desire