Another driver dies in crash on Highway 166

October 25, 2016


For the second time in a span of about 36 hours, a person died Tuesday in a crash on Highway 166. The accident was the fifth fatal collision on the highway since early September.

Around 6:30 a.m., a Dodge van was heading westbound on Highway 166 near Tepusquet  Road. The driver of the van crossed a double yellow line in an attempt to pass a vehicle, but collided head-on with a semi-truck that was hauling gravel, according to the CHP.

The collision killed the person in the van and injured the driver of the semi-truck. Authorities have yet to identify the victim.

After colliding with the van, the semi-truck overturned, spilling the load of gravel on the highway. The truck is still blocking the roadway.

The collision occurred in Santa Barbara County about a half mile from the San Luis Obispo County line. On Sunday evening, a motorcyclist who was clocked at 150 mph drove off Highway 166, tumbled down an embankment and died. That crash took place in southern SLO County, as did one of the other recent fatal collisions on Highway 166.

Last month, a Bakersfield man allegedly killed two children while driving drunk on Highway 166, and in a separate crash, five tractor trailers collided, leaving one person dead. Earlier this month, another person died in a head-on collision on Highway 166.


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Since Governor Brown is handing out drivers licenses like M&M’s, with no real judgment on a person driving skills or understanding of the Rules of the Road, it isn’t a surprise this is happening and will likely only increase.

governor brown must pass the driving exams before the license is issued just like anyone else who wants to have a driver’s license.

Um, the California DMV driving test has always been easy to pass, this is not something that Governor Brown did! It is the same test of driving skills that was in place before he took office.

But Governor Brown has allowed more people to take, as you put it a “test (that)has always been easy to pass”, and which has been easy for years, something the Gov knew and didn’t change before he started handing out licenses.

Had the van hit any other car head on it probably would have killed the driver and passengers. Thank God it was a large truck he hit.

166 has become very dangerous because too many people who drive it are self-centered idiots and do things like passing on double yellow lines. I see this several times a week, and it’s always somebody who thinks driving the 55 mph speed limit is just too slow to tolerate. If you drive this road, just suck it up if you’re behind somebody who’s not going as fast as you’d like. Better safe than dead. Where’s the CHP and SB sheriff? You can drive from 101 to I-5 and never see a copper. That lack of presence promotes bad driving.

There is a “government” van that frequents the 166 between Santa Maria and Cuyama and it frequently passes in sections of double yellow lines. I really hope this isn’t that van and I really hope if it isn’t, that particular van will stop driving that way. Terrible accident…

Crossing on a double yellow??!! What an idiot.

This is not very nice to say, I’ll admit, but maybe we’re all better off now that one more dangerous driver is off the road.

It looks like a company van, too. Now the employer has to deal with a bunch more stuff on his plate because of this guy/gal’s poor judgement.

It’s extremely sad that someone had to lose their life and injure an innocent semi truck driver because of carelessness. I hope the truck driver makes a full recovery!

Well the employer just so happens to be his parents…so I doubt they are worried about workers comp.

He made a poor decision…haven’t we all…this time it happen to be a fatal decision. It’s a shame you would say “we’re better off”, because he was a wonderful, kind, loving individual.

I too hope the driver of the truck is okay!

. We need a guardrail in this section of the highway to save lives.This is why the state should be paying for our highways to get fixed and not this self help 1/2 cent tax increase that slocog is cramming down our throats.