Burglar cuts hole in Santa Maria bank wall, steals cash

October 4, 2016


unnamedA burglar broke into a business adjacent to a Santa Maria bank early Monday morning. He then cut a hole in the adjoining wall, entered the bank, took money and escaped.

At approximately 5:15 a.m., surveillance footage captured the burglar entering the 2615 South Miller Street branch of Community West Bank. The suspect then exited the bank through the hole he cut in the wall and fled with a significant amount of money, according to the FBI.

Authorities describe the suspect as a a white male between 5 feet 8 inches and 6 feet tall and weighing about 160 pounds. He was observed wearing a hoodie-style sweatshirt, blue jeans, a white t-shirt and a hat.

Investigators request that anyone with information about burglary contact the FBI’s Los Angeles field office or Santa Maria residence agency or the Santa Maria Police Department.


Could he be a relative to the old Hole in the wall gang?


This is a made for TV crime. Nobody shot? Kudos!

When I contracted with a local bank an ‘appointment’ was set up with the alarm company so that they knew someone would be on the premises during off hours. They are on alert regardless of the notification and if you goofed up the ‘disarm’ code you could expect to explain yourself to the local police who arrive within minutes.

Additionally all money was put in the vault at the end of they day with the exception of employees’ loose change. If this wasn’t an inside job then the bank’s insurance should be cancelled.


Inside job.


Authorities describe the subject as a white male………I guess it could be, but that photo doesn’t seem like it could lead to an accurate description, and he’s somewhere between George Castanza and Cosmo Kramer in height.


So what is the difference from this guy robbing a bank and our politicians robbing from the hard work taxpayers? Answer: The bank robber will go to jail and the politicians will celebrate that they fools us again!


Something’s far from weird about this one. No motion detector alarm and cash that wasn’t secured? Somebody inside is going to jail I’m guessing!

Jorge Estrada

I’d say this was well planned. They probably researched the building construction in the public records. It’s amazing what can be done if planning is implemented, just like Measure J. Although we already pay assigned taxes for the discussed infrastructure needs, Local government used tax funded marketing, BS local control verbiage and a punch list of promises laid out in a voters pamphlet that grandstands the a new paradigm, “Self Help County”, the voters may get tricked into supporting what they do not understand. This methodology surrounds all of us and yet we all wonder where the money went? As for the bank robbers, they knew where the money was and how to get it too.


Gee, that guy looks familiar.


Yep, it’s obviously Adam Hill. He sure slimmed down; it must help him pick up college babes (I read that on CCN). I hope he doesn’t sue me for saying all this…


Sounds as if all money is not put in the vault and locked at night?, if not why not?