Cal Poly is no longer a dry campus

October 8, 2016

Cal Poly LargeFor the first time, Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo has an area for students to drink alcohol on the campus. Beer and wine are now being served to anyone over 21 years of age at the Mustang Station. [KSBY]

In the past, Cal Poly has been a dry campus with a few exceptions. Both the Vista Grand Dining Hall and the Cal Poly Corporation serve alcohol and students over 21 who live in Poly Canyon Village can have alcohol in their rooms.

In 2013, a Mustang News poll of 100 students showed support for on campus alcohol establishments. Of those polled, 76 percent were in favor of a wet campus, 2 percent were unsure and 22 percent were opposed with many of the objectors worried about accreditation issues.

Opponents of a wet campus voiced concerns about noise and safety. But proponents argued that campuses such as California State University Northridge saw no increase in crime after adding a pub.

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Next will be recreational pot brownies. Pot or drinking on the job will likely add more time to graduate thence is a boost to the industry of education.

Most people know that during Presidents Bakers and his wife’s reign the campus was far from dry.

As if they haven’t already been drinking in the dorms and in other places on campus…

Good luck!

Wait just a minute… You’re telling me college kids are drinking alcohol now?

(can you hear the sarcasm over the sound of my eye rolling)

Beer and wine have been sold on campus for years. Sage Restaurant sold beer and wine, beer is provided for free for people sitting in Krukow’s Korner at games, and at tailgating parties (included in cost of ticket as a way of getting around restrictions on selling alcohol at CSU stadiums). It has been provided for fund raising activities, included in the cost of tickets for events during certain events such as Alumni Weekend. The new place is aimed towards students and employees more than Sage, (which was overpriced), but anyone who thought Cal Poly was a dry campus, hasn’t been on campus much. Having alcohol available at a restaurant or two on campus won’t stop the stupid kids who want to drink until stupid as parties (we know where most are held) give out free alcohol with the intention of getting as many drunk as possible.

Good. Keep the drunks on campus and don’t let them wander the neighborhoods making problems.

But,but,but….think of all the lost revenue the bars will miss out on? Maybe PG&E can supplement their losses too.