Corrupt chief of police gets two years

October 12, 2016
Ronald Boyd

Ronald Boyd

Former Port of Los Angeles Chief of Police Ronald Boyd was sentenced Tuesday to two years in federal prison for his part in a corruption scheme. Ronald Jerome Boyd, 58, was also ordered to pay $305,054 in restitution.

Boyd pleaded guilty earlier this year to federal charges of tax evasion and making a false statement to FBI agents about his acceptance of a bribe in connection with the development of the official smart phone app, Portwatch, to be marketed to other law enforcement agencies.

Ironically, Portwatch was developed to provide information to the public and to allow citizens to report criminal activity.

In 2011, Boyd and his two business partners concocted a plan to market and sell a similar app – called Metrowatch – to other government agencies. Boyd’s cut was set at 13.33 percent of all gross revenues.

Boyd pleaded guilty to three offenses on the day he was scheduled to go to trial on a 16-count indictment that was returned by a grand jury last year.

According to the indictment, Boyd received his financial interest in return for guaranteeing that the Portwatch contract would be awarded to the company.

Boyd admitted that he lied to FBI agents in Oct. 2014 when he denied having any financial interest in Metrowatch or having engaged in a conflict of interest. Boyd also pleaded guilty to tax evasion.

Additionally, Boyd pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of failing to file a 2011 tax return. The estimated loss of tax revenue to the Internal Revenue Service for Boyd’s conduct was more than $300,000.

“While occupying a position of trust in the community, Mr. Boyd actively concealed his outside business interests by not disclosing certain income he received on his federal income tax returns,” said IRS agent Anthony J. Orlando. “IRS Criminal Investigation will continue to vigorously pursue those who unjustly enrich themselves in violation of their fiduciary duties.”

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My money says Ronnie Boy retired as soon as he was charged. So as no conviction yet. All accured retirement bennies firmly in place. He didn’t get to chief in 10 years. Probably get an ankle bracelet and go to work for the same company leveraging his contacts.

Can you say double dipping?

Stkn ppr mo fo!

It’s good to be in gubrmnt!

If you are a public employee convicted of corruption you must lose your publicly funded pension.

Stay tuned for the civil action from Portwatch from whom they stole the idea. I see unfair competition among other things. I hope he takes a big hit there.

“The estimated loss of tax revenue to the Internal Revenue Service for Trump’s conduct was more than $1,000,000,000.” Lock him up.

A few ounces of marijuana gets you how many years in prison? Nice to see a level playing field.

So let see if this is right, he defrauds the IRS for $300,000 and his penalty is $300,000, so it’s really not a penalty just he now has to pay what he should have paid in the first place, no real consequences for his crime. Oh wait 2 years in prison, likely automatically down to less than a year, and since under a year can maybe be served in jail instead, on weekends and with “good behavior” (cough cough) be out in a few months. Then back to another public sector job, no risk to his pension, Yeah that really will scare anyone else from doing this. Another case of special treatment for special people, and yet do they really wonder why the taxpayers have a problem with this?