Democrats gaining membership in SLO County

October 11, 2016

Republican-vs.-Democratic-jpgAs the number of registered voters in San Luis Obispo County climbs amid a contentious presidential election, it is the Democratic Party which is the big winner.

Since Feb. 2015, 12,737 SLO County residents have registered to vote. Of those, 8,192 are Democrats, 2,919 are Republicans and 1,528 are registered decline to state.

As of Oct. 7, 61,966 of the 161,558 SLO County voters, or 38.36 percent, are registered Republican, and 57,049, or 35.31 percent of county voters, are registered Democrats.

Three SLO County supervisor districts lean Republican and two trend Democratic.

District 1, which runs inland from the Monterey County line to Templeton, currently has 5,788 more Republicans than Democrats. Republican businessman John Peschong is currently running against Democratic Paso Robles Mayor Steve Martin in the race to replace Republican Supervisor Frank Mecham.

District 2, which runs along the coast from San Simeon to Los Osos and includes a portion of San Luis Obispo, has 4,240 more Democrats than Republicans. Democratic Supervisor Bruce Gibson is currently serving his third term in the District 2 seat, and he has twice won reelection with ease.

District 3, which includes Grover Beach, Pismo Beach and a portion of San Luis Obispo, has only 1,195 more Democrats than Republicans. Democratic Supervisor Adam Hill is running for reelection in District 3 against San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter, who is registered decline to state.

District 4, which includes Nipomo, Arroyo Grande and Oceano, has 2,917 more Republicans than Democrats. Republican Lynn Compton won the seat in the 2014 election.

District 5, which includes Atascadero and portions of Templeton and San Luis Obispo, has 2,447 more Republicans than Democrats. In the June primary, Republican Debbie Arnold won a second term.

In California, nearly 18.3 million people were registered to vote as of September 9. Of those, 45 percent are Democrats and 27 percent are Republicans.

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The expensive and wealthy Coastal area from San Simeon down has the most Democrats. They are entitled and love to hire the illegal immigrants to clean and cook. Anyone who hires an illegal immigrant should have to pay for the immigrant’s child’s schooling and medical bills.

I don’t mind that they are here. The majority are wonderful people. It’s just that the working class is getting ripped off by the wealthy Democrats who hire cheap labor and then stick society will the bill to support them.

So the wealthy republican areas have illegal immigrants to clean and cook for them and to hire and not pay taxes is a crime.

Don’t blame Democrats, the wealthy use the poor since forever, D or R is a distraction.

Generally this is how the parties break down.


never employed

the young who have had everything handed to them

most glbtq

old unmarried feminists

government employees

very wealthy elitists

Media elite who are funded by corporate billionaires

Corporate CEOs




working class

young who have had to work and grew up with responsibilities

married women

law & order supporters

middle class who are in private sector employment



never employed


working class

young who have had to work and grew up with responsibilities”

Lol, had some koolaid have we? Feel free to back that claim up with some links or did you just make that up?

How many of those Democrats are Illegal Aliens using their shiny new drivers license to register?

Are your serious, or just racist?

I don’t see where I mentioned a race in my post, you must be a racist for assuming something that’s not there.

They are just depressed that the GOP is imploding and some racism leaked out.

Also you don’t need a license to register to vote, so Shelworths alien conspiracy would already be happening if that bone had any meat on it.

Yes I have, if someone lies they can register with or without a DL .

The fear of something does not make it true, feel free to link to the swarms of illegal new voters.

Or are people just priming themselves to chant about the “stolen” election? Lol Trump tears.

Look at all the states that have the highest tax”s and the biggest debts and you will see they were run by Democrats for yrs. Demo’s love the bullet train project from nowhere to nowhere that will always be financially in the hole and most of the people will never ride it, in the meantime our roads and bridges that everyone uses are falling apart. Dem money well spent? Both parties at this point in time are completely out of touch with the people and reality. They do not care about the people that they serve except at election time when they say we will give you this and that no cost to you and trust me your first in my book. Election over, they disappear again go back to their overpaid jobs and lobbyist friends until the next election liathon comes around and you put them in again. ( unbelievable). We need to vote these career politicians out until we break up the good ole boy clubs.

How many of the new registered Demos are wont work welfare receipents living off of a will work person? Most demos are just waiting to vote for the person that promises every thing free. Nothing is free. You even pay for the air you breathe. Look how much is added to your vehicle license fee for clean air. You have to have your car smoged every other year unless it is twenty five years old but if you have ORV no smog no clean air just go tear up the beaches.

All the Democrats I know work or are retired, but don’t let that stop you from throwing some shade around and helping recruit new democrat members because that is how it works.

“vote for the person that promises every thing free” That never happened.

Trump and the do nothing congress are the best thing’s that has ever happened to the Demos and the Left. A rising tide lifts all boats but a Trump/Ryan hole guarantees that boat will never float in our lifetime.

I hear Arizona has free air and water >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Cemeteries are full of “new” Democratic voters, just ask Chicago.

Feel free to post some facts with that shade flinging.

LA investigated the same thing and found what 25 or so dead voters, wow changed everything.

/sarcasim off

Read much history?

Yes, much history and I learned that 2016 is not 1963.

Now about those recent fact’s you were going to produce?

And we all know nothing that happened in the past will ever happen again???

If the Democrats want more taxes for what they believe is worthy then register more of them. With a Democratic majority they can have all the taxes they want to support more managed programs that provide jobs that need more taxes and so on. I could see this coming decades ago so now I can afford to watch and listen to them hee haw. I’m sure many of them agree with me on this issue but unfortunately the tax funded marketing that produces the appearance of a give away opportunity blinds many into voting for that needed funding.

I remember back in the school days, everyone had to belong to either this bunch or that bunch. Like little piss ants roaming the land they claim to rule, one had to be a jackass of one sort or the other.Coming from a basic working class family I was raised being told the reds are the greedy powerful party of money, and the blues are hard working poor folk. Then I moved to slo county decades ago and as I became interested in the way things worked in modern political sheepleism, it was pretty plain to see here in the land of over the top over priced, unaffordable,greedy, liberal, hypocritical, not in my back yard, politically correct, drug riddled, a bar for every 100 drunks, were responsible drinkers, homeless bashing, working class rich and retired….ahem… just who it is blowing smoke up who’s ass. Yes, you have plenty of new registered voters we are told. Millennials are the “rebels without a clue” Book em Dano!!!! Get the man who’s oppressing you way of life, tax that rich bastard cause he makes to much and he wont give you any. Raise them taxes on the working class Dems! and when you figure what part of what somebody else has worked for that your entitled to let us know. Yes, for you reds, your just as worthless, bitch and moan and then do nothing in office. You think Trumpers give a shit if you dont support him? Might want to reconsider who has abandoned who here. 45% for H, 40% for T and a handful for the indy’s which leaves you about 4% of the American population behind you. Better humble yourselves before the Dems get ahold of your official Glenn Beck pitch forks and use them on you.

Why not find how many of the sociocrats are won’t work vs how many are will work Repub.

Because the older California republican demographic is full of no work retirees, your example would be embarrassing to whats left of the GOP.

Well if you happen to read the dogma that the local paper puts out you would only think that there is only the democrat party,look at what that tripe published in the paper over the weekend,another vote for hill opinion,reading that article just makes you want to go beat your head against the wall, how can someone print that crap and seemingly believe it is beyond me, but I’m guessing that the children coming of age read that and believe it.

SLO County voters, or 38.36 percent, are registered Republican, and 35.31 percent of county voters, are registered Democrats.??? How does that match the headline that the “Democratic Party is the big winner”? Sounds to me that CCN is trying to sway local voters just like many main stream, democratically run rags. I thought you were better than that.

Your lack of attention to the details of the article is showing . . . Democratic Party is the big winner in the number of new party registrants in SLO County – almost twice as many new voters have registered as Democrats (2,919) than as Republicans (1,528).