Fleeing motorcyclist with GoPro on his head runs out of gas

October 11, 2016

CHP@With a GoPro camera presumably filming the action, a motorcyclist fled CHP officers for about 150 miles and reached speeds of up to 150 mph. The chase, which began in San Luis Obispo County, ended in southern Santa Clara County after the suspect ran out of gas.

Officers pursued the motorcyclist through San Luis Obispo, over the Cuesta Grade and into Atascadero. The suspect exited the highway at Santa Rosa Road and crashed into a car in Atascadero, causing minor damage.

He then drove back onto northbound Highway 101 and evaded capture all the way through North County and Monterey County. A CHP helicopter tracked the motorcyclist as he drove north.

The rider ran out of gas near Gilroy and officers arrested him. Authorities have yet to release his identity.

CHP officials said the motorcyclist was wearing a black jacket and had a GoPro attached to his helmet.

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I hope he posts the video! Although he might want to wait until after his trial! lol

Sounds like he gets pretty good mileage on that thing….

Proof that you can’t fix stupid.

Providing your own evidence? Total PRO… goPRO!