Nicholas Mattson is the best choice for Atascadero

October 27, 2016


Nicholas Mattson is the future of Atascadero. When Nic Mattson threw his hat into the Atascadero City Council mayor race, it shocked those who control political power in our city.
When six former Atascadero mayors immediately endorsed Nic Mattson for mayor, it sent shock waves through the individuals and groups that have controlled the council for the past eight years. They have thrown thousands of dollars in every direction to stop this qualified newcomer.
The three conservative mayors are Bob Kelley, Rolfe Nelson, and myself. The three liberal mayors are George Luna, Ellen Beraud, and Mike Brennler. These six former mayors recognized that that diversity on the council is a good thing and that half of our citizens have no representation now on the council.
When elected, Mayor Nic Mattson will be an independent voice, with no conflicts of interest or deals with the devil to cloud his voting. He is a good listener, a uniter not a divider.
Nic Mattson is a bright talented 37 year old young man. Nic and his wife Haley have rolled up their sleeves and involved themselves in many nonprofit groups the past few years. They are intent on making Atascadero a better place and maintain our quality of life year in to our future.
Competition in our elections is a good thing. New fresh ideas on the council is a good thing. Diversity on the council is a good thing. Nicolas Mattson as Atascadero’s mayor will be a good thing.
Please visit Nick Mattson’s website at and learn more about this rising star in our community.
This election is about money and control versus diversity and common sense change. Please join me in voting for Nic Mattson for mayor.
Jerry Clay is a former Atascadero mayor and city councilman.

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I casually know Nic and have talked and dealt with him. I find him to be honorable, honest and hard working. If I lived in Atascadero he’d have my vote.

Yes he may not have experience but people are always bitching about people in to long, with connections or in bed with such and such group. WELL folks here is the man that fits what you claim you want. I don’t think you will regret voting for him.

Thanks for the compliment. I will surprise with my ability to apply my real world experience, dedication to our community, and innovative common sense to the job.

I have capacity for quick learning, and I will execute the job with honor.

With the climate of politicians around us in this cycle, I have serious taken a look at people who have little or no experience. I have thought about this and then said to myself, all of these people started out with no qualifications, no one was born a politician and therefore, maybe the least experience you have the better for you are at serving the people instead of the cronies.

I sat one Saturday evening at the Atascadero Lake and listened to a group of people sitting next to me at the concert talk about who was best for a City Council seat that was upcoming. Someone mentioned a name he thought might be a good choice and the rest of the group responded with a “No, we met for breakfast with Tom and we have all agreed that Heather Moreno was our choice. Tom wants her on the Council so that is who we are supporting”. It was a very cold and sober conversation and I thought to myself, how dare you people pick and choose who is the best to work with Tom. It was that and some additional conversation that I will not repeat here that convinced me I would never, ever, vote for Tom O’Malley again. I have heard stories for years, but this was over the top.

Me, I will vote for change, knowing that there are 5 people making the decisions and if one needs a little help with the learning curve so be it if that person is honest. Just look around and see how that bond tax money intended for the Veterans will now be used for a bridge over the creek instead of putting it to better use. How about selling, renting, reversing the bowling alley and doing something for the youth and community, The zoo is great, go their twice a year, the park with the concerts is wonderful 3 months of the year, the walk around the lake is great with the ability to do it. How about a paved parking lot at the Galaxy, about about some paved roads round the high school while in 10 years you have paved El Camino 3 times. We need someone who can think outside the box and that is not Tom O’Malley. We keep doing the same damn thing with the same old leaders. Bump it up, shove them out and listen to the people.

Vote for Nic

The conversation you heard regarding Heather Moreno is very disturbing. Conversations around Atascadero is that the appointment was decided way before the meeting among the O’Malley team. You pretty much confirm that here. Many think it may have been a violation of the Brown Act particularly since Ms. Moreno had all of her supporters at the council meeting that night ready to get sworn into office. Since that day O’Malley and Moreno have been almost inseparable. Sorry to see Bob Kelly leaving as I hear he was the only one to vote against her appointment as he questioned what was going on that evening. The sole person who orchestrated this was Tom O’Malley for the sole purpose of maintaining a majority on the council.

This is exactly why Atascadero now has the opportunity to break these power players up and get a good citizen back involved in local government. The only baggage that Nicholas Mattson will bring to the council will be his honesty, integrity and his representation for all the citizens of Atascadero. Vote yes for Nicholas Mattson.

As confirmation to my story, there was a vocal gentleman in a wheel chair, approximately 60 years of age, engaged in that conversation that Saturday night. It sounded like a done deal and everyone needed to be on board “because she is what Tom wants”. It was a very surprising open public conversation that I found quite disturbing to say the least.

Thank you Jerry Clay for your endorsement of Nicholas Mattson for Mayor. Knowing that you have pretty much been a life long resident of Atascadero and have known Tom O’Malley for years it means something when you endorse Nicholas Mattson. Like yourself there are many other who have supported O’Malley in the past and are now realizing that it’s time for new leadership in Atascadero. The fact that 6 former Mayors, from what appears to be from “both sides” is a fresh new look at Atascadero politics. Can 6 former Mayor’s be wrong? Nicholas Mattson is a bright young man who is deeply involved in the community and is passionate about it’s future. Tom O’Malley has served his time and now it’s time for new ideas from others to be heard for the future of Atascadero. Vote yes for Nicholas Mattson and let’s retire the power players of Atascadero. They have served their time too.

Great kid, but no experience. On the plus side, he has no criminal record…