Nipomo man arrested after 11-hour standoff

October 21, 2016


After a Nipomo man allegedly beat his wife, he barricaded himself in his home during an 11-hour standoff with San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies. The suspect, who was reportedly armed with a knife, remained closed up inside his house until well into Thursday night when deputies and a sheriff’s K9 charged the Nipomo home.

Shortly after 2 p.m., a caller reported a domestic violence incident in the 1200 block of Mercury Court.

When deputies arrived at the house, they found a female victim outside the home, and the suspect locked inside. Responders transported the victim to a local hospital where she received treatment for her injuries and was released, a sheriff’s office press release states.

Deputies tried to talk Jason Thermann Macias, 47, out of the house. Macias responded by making threats against the deputies and by arming himself with a knife, according to the sheriff’s office.

Negotiators arrived at the scene and talked with Macias. But, talks broke down, and the the sheriff’s SWAT team then set up a perimeter around the home.

Approximately nine hours into the standoff, deputies fired tear gas and distraction devices into the house. Macias still refused to exit the home.

At about 1:15 a.m., deputies broke into the home, along with a sheriff’s K9, and managed to take Macias into custody. Macias sustained injuries during the incident and was taken to a local hospital for treatment. The extent of his injuries is unclear.

The sheriff’s office says Macias will be transferred to San Luis Obispo County Jail after he is released from the hospital. Macias has yet to be booked into the jail, according to the sheriff’s office website.

Macias is facing charges of domestic violence, felony attempting to escape with force and possibly other counts. The county probation department, Cal Fire and San Luis Ambulance helped the sheriff’s office handle the incident.

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It’s sad to me to see how aggressive the female population has become, and understandably, some of it is righteous defense. But, as viewed in the videos, just because you are the “weaker” sex, doesn’t give you the right to jump on, slap, pursue, kick, etc., the other person if they are trying to walk away, or are warning you to “back off”!! If your faced with an angry dog, do you smack it in the head, or turn and walk??

Ask any LE and most of the will tell the most dangerous call they respond to they will tell DV a lot of times both parties will turn on LEO.Cannoncocker

Since most DV is reciprocal.. I would say that they fought and she lost.. but since shes a woman he will be charged with a crime for maybe even defending himself from her.. In DV cases where its non reciprocal.. women are the aggressors in about 70 to 75 percent of all cases.. meaning they instigate the violence initially then lose because they are physically unable to carry it thru… and men having a physical advantage usually end the situation.. and then get arrested.

“Since most DV is reciprocal” . . . “women are the aggressors in about 70-75 percent of all cases” . . . probably some of the most insensitivity and factually inaccurate things said about the problem of domestic violence in this county. I dare you to say that to the face of any of the thousands of women that receive services from the Women’s Shelter Program or RISE, or their children!

Indeed 70-76% is inaccurate. However, just because he is wrong, doesn’t mean you are right.

Since most DV is reciprocal.. I would say that they fought and she lost..


When your toddler pitches a fit and tries to hit you is that also a fair fight and you end up the winner?

If you can’t understand the innate strength difference between a male and a female you’re hopeless.

Watch this video.

I love how people expound at length about a situation they are totally ignorant of and in public for all to see.