Honesty and independence matter, vote for Dan Carpenter

October 20, 2016


After long and careful thought, I’ve decided to endorse Dan Carpenter in the District 3 supervisor race, the district in which I reside.

It wasn’t an easy decision because this race has become highly contentious. Many of the campaign mailers have contained charges and accusations that have stretched the truth to the breaking point.

Therefore, I feel honor bound to weigh-in with my observations regarding the person I believe is best qualified to serve as our next District 3 supervisor.

For me, the top criteria in endorsing in this race is a review of a candidate’s temperament, life experience, public service, integrity, and importantly – independence.

For some years now, I have been powerfully impressed by Dan Carpenter’s thoughtful approach toward public service. Dan has had the courage of his conviction and is willing to make a tough vote if it’s right for the community.

Dan is not someone who can be intimidated or manipulated by political parties, by powerful donors, or by overbearing staff. He brings an old-school sense of honor and integrity to public service.

Many is the time I’ve seen him engaged in deep conversation with a member of the community he may have chanced to encounter during the course of his day. He takes the time to listen.

In my own interactions I’ve found him to be an intensely thoughtful person who takes the time to learn the issues and then make his own decisions, independently.

As the author of the successful 2000 DREAM Initiative, which directed the county to protect the Diablo Coastline after the plant’s closure, I’ve been deeply impressed by Dan’s early and outspoken commitment to respect the will of the voters and to preserve Wild Cherry Canyon, which is so important to the future wellbeing of the Avila Valley.

I haven’t agreed with every vote Dan has cast, but I’ve always been impressed by the process he has used to inform his vote, which is what really matters. He is balanced, honest, thoughtful, and independent – all qualities which are in short supply and qualities that would serve our community well were he to earn your vote as our next District 3 supervisor.

Sam Blakeslee is a former State Senator and Assemblyman.

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Adam Hill is the worst of the worst. But the Dems will back “their” man no matter what. Unless some of them go behind the curtain and cast a vote for what’s best for all of the citizens of SLO County.

You are correct avid – Ergo Dawn Ortiz-Legg. The Dems are pouring money into this cipher of a candidate’s campaign knowing she will be a pawn of the party. The district be damned.

I am with you Sam, Dan is the only candidate that will honestly represent the citizens.

You made the right call, Blakeslee. If Carpenter doesn’t beat Hill, this county will suffer. It will also show just how apathetic and confused some people are…

Confused or ignorant?

I’m still waiting to hear from Debbie Peterson…hello, Debbie?

Good point.

If Adam Hill is re-elected, some of the blood will be on Debbie’s hands. She could have done something, but she is choosing to remain silent.

We all know what happens when good people do nothing.


I can’t vote in Dan’s district but I will give him my cyber vote as a show of support.

I think an op-ed supporting Dan Carpenter here at CCN is like a pro-crime family (aka Clintons) post at an SEIU website; it goes without saying that one would be preaching to the choir.

That said, I have not spoken with anyone who even likes Adam Hill, let alone plan to vote for him. Then again, I do not hang around with people who often scam the citizenry in one way or another. Honesty and Independence are anathema to the democrat party… the “washington generals” party (aka republicans) are not much better. Much.