SLO Brew ordered to stop work, permits suspended

October 20, 2016




San Luis Obispo city inspectors placed a stop work order and suspended all permits for SLO Brew’s new facility out by the airport after discovering multiple violations.

The new facility, dubbed the Rock, includes a brewery, night club and concert venue at 855 Aerovista Place. While the city council approved the project in April, co-owners Hamish Marshall and Rodney Cegelski started hosting events before the property had been permitted for occupancy, according to a contractor.

On Oct. 16, SLO Beer Week kicked off with a party at the Rock. While attendees were enjoying the event, city inspectors arrived and informed the producer the property was not permitted for occupancy, according to an attendee.

In addition, Marshall and Cegelski did not get the proper permits for gas and electricity installation or the inspections before opening the facility to the public.

On Tuesday, city staff placed a stop work order and unsafe to occupy notice on the front door and suspended all permits. In addition, the owners were ordered to have the gas and electric inspected and tested or face having the utilities turned off, according to a contractor.

They hit the Rock with violations regarding the brewing equipment and tanks. To move forward, SLO Brew needs to have all unpermitted work corrected and inspected.

Marshall and Cegelski did not return requests for comment.

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yea, who needs those sinking permits, they are too expensive anyway! Also, who says we need inspectors, more unnecessary expense and besides, who cares if the building/site is safe and fully operating. Well we are at it, we should get rid of the Municipal Code because we don’t need all those rules and guidelines. No one should care about if the restrooms are to standard code, if there are handicap facilities, steps are safe and sized to a standard, it just costs more money. Well we are at it, we don;t need taxes because we don’t need sidewalks, paved and spaced parking lots and certainly who said we should have to put in those disabled parking spaces that everyone abuses.

We should also get rid of the Planning Commission, Architectural, Heritage, Tree, etc. committees they are a bigger waste of time. Can we also get rid of the Council and Mayor because they are the roadblock to the future and only create corruption, deceit and bribery.

Yea, the code enforcement officers, garbage cans behind walls, rental inspections are the evil works of the Council and Mayor.

We certainly do not need law and order, rules and regulations, Council members and Mayor!

Oh my goodness…the world is ending….a brewery and party without the proper permit.

Cry me a river of beer.

Ping Pong outside a brew pub? Too funny Try beer pong..that’s the reality.

Make no mistake about the rules in SLO! Marshall and Cegelski, the Copelands, Madonna and the Chamber of Commerce own the City officials, especially Jan Marx and her leadership. If you put money in the palm of Marx and the other Council Democrats you are given what you want, forgiven your misdeeds and our praised for your contributions to the City.

SLO has truly become evil under this current regime and if you don’t pay-to-play the democratic way you are a loser!

Just look at how they control the haves and have nots with rental property rule.

We should all be ashamed at electing Jan Marx as mayor after what her role was (treasurer) involving the “No on Measure J” involving the Copeland’s and Madonna’s. Copeland;s were fined fined for illegal activities. And Marx and Copeland’s are still running the show in SLO!