California deputy shot at point-blank range

November 14, 2016
David Machado

David Machado

A man on the run after allegedly shooting and killing a sheriff’s deputy at point-blank range was caught Sunday afternoon when he tried to steal a woman’s purse. [NBC News]

David Machado, 37, shot Stanislaus County Sheriff’s deputy David Wallace, 53, twice at point-blank range, Sheriff Adam Christianson said. Wallace, a 20-year veteran, was killed in an execution, Christianson said.

On Sunday morning, Wallace was investigating a suspicious vehicle at a park in the town of Hughson. A dispatcher informed Wallace the van was stolen, prompting the deputy to request assistance. Moments later, Wallace was shot twice in the head, and a four-hour manhunt ensued.

Machado fled and allegedly carjacked a person in the community of Keyes, stealing a white 2009 Kia. In the city of Lindsay, 150 miles south of location of the killing, Machado allegedly tried to steal a woman’s purse.

The woman fought back, and Machado fled on foot. Officers caught Machado after the woman dialled 911.

Prior to the killing, Machado was wanted on a felony warrant. Authorities have not disclosed the charges on which Machado had been sought.

Wallace left behind a wife and family. The sheriff’s deputy was known for his participation in drug-prevention programs.

“He had a special place in our hearts at the sheriff’s office,” Christianson said.

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Prosecute and execute.


When you talk about due process I agree the accused should be entitled to all the protections our Constitution affords them. But, once fairly convicted they should be fairly executed. We have over 600 inmates on death row; people like Richard Benson who murdered Shelley Camargo and her three children with a framing hammer before setting their house on fire to cover up his crime. Where is THEIR due process? Benson has been on death row since 1987. Hasn’t he received enough due process over the last 29 years?

This is a real question. Do you think death is worse than life in prison? I’ve done neither, so not too sure. I’m just wondering why the death of these criminals is so important.

Is death worse than life in prison? When our cumulative tax dollars are what’s providing convicted murderers with nutritious food, clean clothing, medical/dental, and more…NO, life in prison is far worse than death!

The costs of life imprisonment is way cheaper for the tax payer than executing someone. If taxes are your concern, emotions have guided you to make a poor fiscal decision.

1. It prevents them from ever committing another crime (in prison or not).

2. It prevents them from living out their life after having taken the life of another.

3. It brings a sense of justice and closure the the victims family and loved ones.

4. It prevents our tax dollars from being used to warehouse murderers.

5. He deserves it

Thank you judge, jury and executioner.

1. I am glad to see your concern for the safety of other felons.

2. There is no suffering in death. There is no remorse or guilt.

3. Not always. Actually, the majority of victim’s family members disagree with your claim.

4. Yes…and spend MORE tax dollars killing them instead.

5. Vengeance is mostly emotional. Justice is rational and ethical. I do not see the rationality in any of your points.

I am not against the death penalty, I’m just against stupid justifications for it.

States rights, just like voting standards, gun laws and weed.

Don’t like it? Start a movement, get elected or move?

Oh…the now ancient “Love it or leave it” slogan. Ya gotta love it!

Anyone who would execute a a law enforcement officer for no apparent reason, does not deserve to live…period.

You see, in this case I put the victims rights before any “states rights voting standards or weed.

No murderer has single right…period.

I’m sure his mother must be very proud of him.

I hate cops, but I don’t wish them dead. Condolences to the Wallace family.

Allegedly shot officer, if only one there he did it. He not only took the officers life but destroyed his whole family. Calf. has not used death penalty in yrs because the guilty people keep getting appeals. You can have 10 people eye witness a killing and still the killer gets appeals for yrs, makes no sense. One appeal within a yr then administer justice and don’t keep them in prison for yrs waiting for another appeal. This man had no qualms about killing someone and the people should not have a problem inforcing the proper punishment swiftly.

“the people” have due process and you will have to put up with it, it’s the law.

Arizona, the Philippines and Saudi Arabia May be better suited for your requirements.

Two words: Death Penalty.

Due Process first.

Movember support should be taken into account.

Like he gave the Sheriff.

No, because we are better then he is.

I agree with you. Over the last few days, people here have forgotten what was in the Constitution, or at lease ignore the parts they don’t like. Do you believe the Constitution is important or not? They want it both ways, but that’s not how it works.

“They want it both ways, but that’s not how it works.”

This is correct and the American way. People who don’t agree can move to the Philippines or China because the Constitution is not going anywhere.

Like he provided the police officer??????

No, because we are better than he is.

Also the Constitution.

You are free to form a new Slo County committee of vigilance, then we can arrest you. So do you want due process for yourself?