Don’t be misled by falsehoods and divisive messages

November 1, 2016
Mayor Jim Hill

Mayor Jim Hill


In Arroyo Grande, Richard Waller’s campaign materials misrepresent and misinform. It starts with his introduction. His family is third generation but Richard spent most of his life in Nevada.

While his family does have agricultural heritage; Richard’s is limited to his current residence on the family property.

Now Mr. Waller says he’s going to bring $40 million in new revenue to Arroyo Grande without raising taxes or fees. It’s a wonderful idea but like his others, a bit short on detail of how he’d accomplish that.

Even if he turned the entire city into a marijuana grove, where would the water come from?  He’s stated that “a building moratorium won’t save a drop of water” so obviously he won’t be implementing that.

John Mack

John Mack

Waller champions desalination as the panacea to Arroyo Grande’s water issues, conveniently ignoring that there is no seawater intake, the jurisdiction of the California Coastal Commission, and the fact it is the most expensive of the available options.

Waller claims to champion “civility,” but in looking closer he is really advocating censorship and forcibly restricting the right of residents who disagree with him to free speech.

When confronted with the fact his proposals consistently ignore basic requirements of state and federal law, he naively claims he’ll just change those laws. Waller’s disrespect for the public is also demonstrated by his repeated placement and replacement of campaign signs against property owner’s wishes.

Richard is aligned with Tony Ferrara appointees Kristen Barneich and Caren Ray, who claim to favor a “building moratorium that respects citizen’s property rights.” Their view of citizen rights apparently doesn’t extend to the water we’ve worked hard to conserve.

LeAnn Akins

LeAnn Akins

Ms. Barneich recently voted not to implement a development moratorium for several more months, until the level in Lopez Lake drops even farther. This would allow numerous large development projects time to be approved and escape the moratorium.

It appears rights of the developers are their real concern, not the rights of current residents who expect water they conserved to be reserved for their own future use.

Ms. Ray indicated on Dave Congalton’s show that CalTrans will force the reopening of Brisco freeway ramps on Dec. 11. Actually, CalTrans has been very cooperative with the city on extending the Brisco ramp closure.  We may eventually be required to provide a more robust closure, but maintaining the closure at least six more months will encompass the February opening of Food For Less and demonstrate traffic flows with that business in operation.

As a planning commissioner, council candidate John Mack voted against the large East Cherry Avenue development due to unanswered concerns about water and traffic. He and council candidate LeAnn Akins have consistently called for living within our resources.

Akins is a strong advocate for balanced budgets, while Ms. Barneich was a champion of the charter city proposal which would have done away with the balanced budget requirement.

Don’t be misled by the slick mailers and divisive messages from Waller, Barneich, and Ray. Notice their signs posted on a major developer’s project sites.

John Mack, LeAnn Akins and I will join Tim Brown in putting the interests of Arroyo Grande residents first. Your vote matters on Nov. 8.


1. SadInsidersays:

09/05/2014 at 9:55 pm

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the city of Arroyo Grande. They have done a remarkable long-term job of keeping the ship upright, until now, which isn’t a compliment. There is a behind the scenes culture within this city which can only be described as absolute arrogance and double standard hypocrisy. Most everyone on the inside knows this…it has been rampant for several years.

It’s been sad for insiders to watch the last several elections when no one ran for city council, and the positions went unopposed. The incumbents strut around, like one of the infamous Village Roosters, telling everyone what a great job they are doing because no one ran against them. Nothing could be further from the truth. Healthy cities have several viable candidates every election cycle. A city which doesn’t is indicative of a community which has turned apathetic towards their council and it’s behavior.

To Adams: if you are innocent as you claim, initiate litigation and prove it. Trust me when I say, the line of city-wide employees likely goes out your office and around the corner, in terms of who would like to see you subjected to a legitimate deposition. Same goes for a couple other high level city Management folks, and the Mayor too.

To Ferrara: there have been a bunch of new citizen bloggers on these stories, several of whom have been critical of you. Insiders know you run this city with an arrogant temper and an iron fist. It is your dictatorship style which has not only emboldened, but also protected, the culture we have been subjected to. Don’t think for one second you can’t be recalled, even if you did just become president of the League of Ca Cities. The odds on a recall would likely be far better against you, than they were in Morro Bay. Respectfully, it’s something you should very seriously think about.

At last count, the City of Arroyo Grande is 0-3 at the ballot box which includes two police station bond measures which both failed, and a fire tax assessment which failed even after the City voted “yes” with all of their own properties. With the way this city has conducted itself over the last several years, it’s likely going to be 0-4 anyway come November regarding the Charter city issue. Keep going down the road your going, and 0-4 might be a sure thing…


Do we really want to return to the days of Ferrara with Waller?


Richard Wallers First 100 days as Mayor Plan: I have attached the bar graph from my surveymonkey survey. It shows the issues rated by respondents. Based on that chart, I have created my to do list for my first 100 days as Mayor of Arroyo Grande.

First 100 Days.

This list is subject to change. How to pay for what we need to do and if we can pay for it, will be addressed as needed. I want City Staff and Residents, and Council to work together as partners to resolve our issues. I have essays on many of these topics at;

Team building for City Council, We will be able to move beyond the current acrimony and have a Council that does not always agree, but will disagree in a civil and positive manner. We can do this through trainings provided by the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority, Arroyo Grande’s insurance carrier.

Water, take a serious look at our water issues, and what we can do about them. I sincerely hope that Measure E-16 passes, without it, we could be left quite literally, high and dry. We will need further initiatives to increase water conservation, without (I hope) increasing punitive measures.

Readdress Gray Water, require graywater plumbing to be a part of each new building, design incentives for residents to retrofit gray water plumbing.Waste Water Recycling, Continue the work to bring waste water recycling on line at the sewer plant.

The sewer plant was designed to pass through much more water than is occurring at this time. Redesign and or modifications to allow the plant to do its job without even as much water as passes through it today.

Working with our partners in the Five Cities Fire Authority; Oceano and Grover Beach we will work to resolve fire department staffing and funding issues.

Police, we will look at their budget and funding needs to resolve their issues.

Developments that will come before the board will need to be looked at critically as to their impacts on water and traffic. There is much we can do with redevelopment to address water, traffic, and economic vitality.

Traffic, we need to continue, and expand the city efforts to ease congestion and traffic flow within our town. Encourage bicycle use and walking by building a variety of bike and walking paths.

Parking, We need to look at parking issues, where there is an issue, we will work together to resolve it.

Brisco interchange, we must reach a decision and proceed on whatever final plan is accepted. That plan should be a holistic plan that addresses congestion at 101 and Grand, Camino Mercado and Oak Park.

Begin the process of discussion with cities and counties in our region and state on Desalination feasibility.

Review and update as needed our city’s economic development plan, remembering our goal is to maintain or increase our quality of life, while making our town economically dynamic.

Initiate exploration of Community Choice Electricity, this could be a great economic boon for Arroyo Grande and our area.

Homelessness, we need viable doable answers to homelessness in our community, we can work with area homeless foundations, civic groups and churches to resolve what is a crisis of humanity.

In 100 days, there will be six city council meetings—the mayor is not the king and cannot just say, we are going to do X–the mayor is 1 vote out of 5 people on the council; if elected, he would be 20 percent of the council. Many of his goals have been supported and discussed by Mayor Hill and other candidates, such as myself and John Mack. What concerns me about this list is that there is no mention of bringing the community into the process. There is also a very cavalier statement about funding for all the projects he is proposing. As someone who has interacted with Richard about his lack of humility and civility when exchanging ideas, I have no confidence he will be able to bring the kinds of coalitions together needed to accomplish this list in 100 days. I have posted about Buyer Beware on my Facebook page and while I don’t fault Richard for being zealous in his list, it lacks a realistic view of time, money, and process. Your vote counts this year Arroyo Grande, make it count for all of us.


Waller is never at a loss for words.

He cares so much for his own that he routinely deletes the posts of those who question or disagree with him. Are we to believe Mr Waller would represent all citizens when he so easily dismisses those who dare to challenge him?

From his His Facebook post: “Now, a note to all, positive comments, suggestions and ideas are very welcome. Note my use of the word positive. For those who want to post negative stuff, don’t. If you feel you must, watch this short clip…”

Is this guy for real?


An overly simplistic list of issues of solutions. If Mr. Waller was previously involved in Arroyo Grande issues, he would know how ridiculous this list is to reads. It is insulting and arrogant of him to think that under his command, issues and funding will suddenly appear, and that the City Council has been inapt at there jobs.

These issues go beyond making a list, and Mr. Waller’s magic wand to solve them. These are complex, involving other City’s and Agencies, and very financially challenging.

Holistic plan for Brisco? That is a in-depth solution!

Police – just find funding to solve, really!

This one is the best!!!

Team building for City Council, We will be able to move beyond the current acrimony and have a Council that does not always agree, but will disagree in a civil and positive manner. We can do this through trainings provided by the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority, Arroyo Grande’s insurance carrier.

Mr. Waller has shown he is unable to disagree in a civil or positive manner. Deleting comments, blocking people from his facebook if he doesn’t agree with him, not wanting to have discussions of issues because if you don’t agree with him, the conversation is non-productive. Really!

He has no interest in anyone ideas but his own. And only he is able to finally resolve our issues, and maybe world peace.

Waller’s World City Council is a place I do not want to travel to, or visit.


I find some of this comical really.

I don’t care if he is from Nevada. Seriously? Oh no, an OUTSIDER!!!

I don’t care if he is a farmer. You don’t have to be a farmer to understand agricultural basics. I am not a farmer, but my white privileged parents were children of dust bowlers and both did migrant work in their lives. I spent time in the central valley and thoroughly understand he who controls the water controls EVERYTHING.

We need a person to lead AG who truly sees the big picture. Who has shown with their voting record, their actions that they GET IT. I personally have hope for our small community’s future when I think of Jim Hill. If I could, I would vote for him. I will just have to settle for voting AGAINST Shoals.


Arroyo’s Law: Always changing, never different.”

Josey Wales

Ladies & Gentlemen,

This mayoral race in Arroyo Grande really is a no brainer, and I think most thinking people understand that Jim Hill deserves to be reelected.

It is very important to elect Mayor Hill a city council which will act alongside him to protect and restore the things that make AG special, and a moratorium on new water hook ups is absolutely necessary NOW.

Do not trust Caren Ray, Kristian Barneich, Barbara Harmon, Richard Waller, etc., as they will only support a moratorium AFTER their developer/contributor friends ram their developments down our throats.

Elect John Mack

Elect LeANN Akins

Just saying,



The question is do we want a city council looking after the residents’ interests or do we want a city council in the back pocket of developers? VOTE RESPONSIBLY! Re-Elect Jim Hill, Elect John Mack, Elect LeAnn Akins!


I listened to Richard Waller on the Dave Congalton show the other day.

He had to correct himself when he accidentally referred to himself as a “farmer”.

Richard Waller is not a farmer.

He lives on his families land that is farmed by someone else.

He is a retired elementary school teacher from Nevada.


When Dave asked about the second letter from the grocery store muck up, he acted like he was in blind ignorance. Dave had 5 copies of the letter and Waller didn’t want to acknowledge its existence.

How will he be hiring a new City Manager if in the weeks and months of this election cycle he is waiting for people to provide him info instead of finding it on his own.



I heard that.

One moment it was julie Tacker’s responsibility to get it to him.

The next she was being blamed for costing the county unsubstantiated wads of money for her public records requests.

It’s easy to see nothing is ever Mr. Waller’s fault.

He’s a Tony #2

Waller keeps asking for civility and yet, I do not remember him in attendance when Big Tony was running the show ( or turning the camera’s of!)

K Barneich was unable to place Steve Adams on administrative leave because they were too close. She helped instigate the personal attacks on a planning commissioner and support B. Harmon’s motion to place that attack on the agenda.

Ray was unable to believe the Grand Jury report when it shared the waste(not human!) that were going on at the Sanitation District.

Waller has been absent during all the turmoil created by Ferrara – Adams and Carmel

Excuse me , but who is lacking civility?

Waller is a new guy in town pretending he is an AG farmer ( NOT!) who wants to be a big man around town Yuck! We already had that and see what it got us.


Well done Mayor Hill. You’ll do us well for another term.


Any thoughts on Ken Sage?


Ken Sage is a thoughtful well spoken person.

he is also a friend. that being said he has not run much of a campaign.

he does not seem to support a moratorium as I think he believes residents can conserve more water.

justice counts

justice counts


On the subject of Ken Sage that was brought up here.

What do we really know about him and his decision making, that might give us the knowledge to consider him for a seat on the City Council? Not what he tells us, but how he would represent the best interests of the citizens of Arroyo Grande.

Did he mention his position in our community, when he made a decision as a RGHOA ARC member to support a group that held an illegal meeting, held, with only ten hours notice, given earlier in the day by phone, (breaking State Law, Davis Stirling Act, Meeting Notification).

The decision made at that meeting, allowed a homeowner (no drawing in view) to build a non-permitted large concrete deck 18 X 27 in his front yard, on a non-permitted raised grade (about 13 feet high Est).

The raised grade removed the necessary interceptor drainage ditch (Exhibit A Drainage in the CC&R’s 2.8) along the property line (175 feet long) which is a severe detriment to the uphill contiguous neighbor, blocking the drainage in an easement by the lower lot.

The minutes written by Ken Sage did not reflect the meeting that was held (documented). The minutes were released very late, 43 days later (why), an informal meeting was recognized and rebutted, (documented) by the contiguous neighbor and an attorney letter.

The bottom line is, Ken Sage and his wife Mary, left the ARC, as did the ARC Chairman after the minutes were released concerning this illegal meeting. But the damage was and is done.