Federal, state and local election results

November 9, 2016

Donald Trump and Adam Hill


Following a turbulent 2016 election cycle, Republican billionaire Donald Trump has been hired, and San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill has not been fired.

Trump, a political novice, defeated former secretary of state Hillary Clinton to win the presidency. Pundits are calling Trump’s victory a historic upset.

Salud Carbajal

Salud Carbajal

California Attorney General Kamala Harris, possibly a rising star in the Democratic Party, won the race for the United States Senate seat that Sen. Barbara Boxer is vacating. On the Central Coast, Santa Barbara County Supervisor Salud Carbajal defeated Republican Justin Fareed to claim the U.S. House seat that is being vacated by Rep. Lois Capps.

At the state level, Sen. Bill Monning kept his seat in California’s upper legislative house. And in one the most heated local races, Republican Jordan Cunningham defeated Democrat Dawn Ortiz-Legg to claim a seat in the state Assembly even though she out spent him by more than $1 million.

In order to retained his District 3 seat on the board of supervisors, Hill defeated San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter in a surprising landslide victory, 57-42. Carpenter had been backed by the impromptu “Fire Adam Hill” movement.

A confident John Peschong

A confident John Peschong

Political consultant John Peschong won the other supervisor race that went to a runoff. Peschong defeated Paso Robles Mayor Steve Martin to claim the District 1 seat that Supervisor Frank Mecham is vacating.

San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx warded off a challenge from activist Heidi Harmon to capture a fourth mayoral term. Architect Andy Pease and businessman Aaron Gomez won city council seats in a race that did not include any incumbents.

In the highly anticipated Arroyo Grande council race, former councilwoman and county supervisor Caren Ray, and incumbent Councilwoman Kristen Barneich cruised to victory. Meanwhile, their political foe, Mayor Jim Hill, easily won reelection.

Incumbent mayors Tom O’Malley, John Shoals and Jamie Irons, too, won reelections in Atascadero, Grover Beach and Morro Bay respectively. In Pismo Beach, Councilman Ed Waage won the mayoral seat that Mayor Shelly Higginbotham is vacating.

In the remaining council races, incumbent Roberta Fonzi and former SLO finance director Charles Bourbeau won in Atascadero. Former mayor Debbie Peterson and incumbent Councilman Jeff Lee claimed the two Grover Beach council seats. In Morro Bay, Marlys McPherson and Robert “Red” Davis were the winners. Paso Robles voters reelected incumbent councilmen Steve Gregory and Fred Strong. In Pismo Beach, Marcia Guthrie claimed a council seat and incumbent Erik Howell won reelection.

slo county signSan Luis Obispo County’s transportation tax, Measure J, received the support of 65 percent of voters. However, the initiative presumably failed because it did not clear the required two thirds voter approval threshold. Some ballots remain uncounted, though, and the result is not yet final.

Among the numerous statewide initiatives, California voters legalized marijuana and rejected a repeal of the death penalty. However, a competing initiative to speed up appeals of death sentences narrowly passed.

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s signature gun control measure passed, as did a $2 a pack increase on cigarette taxes and an initiative that promotes the early release of “non-violent” felons. Additionally, voters approved an extension of a tax on personal income above $250,000, which is intended to fund schools and health care.

Californians rejected a measure that would have required porn actors to wear condoms. Voters also shot down a measure calling for statewide voter approval of bonds larger than $2 billion, as well as an initiative that would have barred the state from buying prescription drugs at prices higher than the amounts paid by the federal Department of Veterans Affairs.

Lastly, a statewide measure with local ties passed with 64 percent of the vote. Former state sen. Sam Blakelee’s legislative transparency initiative will require the Legislature to publish the final text of a bill online at least 72 hours prior to formally approving it.

In the community services district races, several candidates are trailing by less than 16 votes leaving the race winners currently undetermined.

In Oceano, three newcomers — Linda Austin, James Coalwell and Andrew Brunet — are in line to pick up the three open seats. However, John Clemons is only 15 votes behind Brunet with some mail-in-ballots still to be counted.

In Cambria, the makeup of the board is also to be determined after further ballots are counted. Currently, the three incumbents — Amanda Rice, Greg Sanders and Gail Robinette — are slated to keep their seats. But environmentalist Harry Farmer is trailing Robinette by just 13 votes leaving the race currently undecided.

With less then 200 votes tallied in the California Valley, the two incumbents who have recently been under fire for allegedly violating campaign rules are trailing. Misty Lambert has four votes and Missy Marrone has 12 votes. Currently, Stephen McVivar leads with 24 votes, Rob Webb is in second place with 20 votes and Vedaa Joyce Link is in third place with 13 votes.

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Wow Arroyo Grande You Elected two Bubbles Headed Blonds ..Way to GO .. Your Screwed ..

Why not a chart?

The fact that Adam Hill won speaks loudly to the disconnect in Liberal’s thinking. They support someone who has many complaints for being a bully. Someone who has many complaints of being unethical and questions of dishonesty. Then they squeal like stuck pigs when Trump wins because they say he is a bully.

I think we all know why Hill won. It’s all the liberals care about. So glad we have a president that is going to Make America Great Again.

Can we please divide Calif. into 2 zones…one conservative and one liberal, and all the Do-as I-say-not-as-I-do people can go live in the liberal zone.

We already have. There is the Central Valley and then there are the Coastal Communities.

America has decided to have a lunatic run the asylum….well done America, well done.

Oh…and so did District 3!

Not looking good for Arroyo Grande.

Are you talking about the one leaving?

Great day to be a uneducated when male! Back to the good ‘ol days, when MEN told women what was good for their bodies, not women.

It is broad weakly-based generalizations like that which creates the kind of backlash vote to elect someone like Trump. Did it occur to you that maybe there were other issues that mattered a lot more to many voters than various women’s issues? That maybe they decided they could tolerate a degree of misogyny if that was what it took to correct the other issues?

There were a lot of different motivations for voting for Trump and they weren’t all the same to everyone. The ones that counted most were those in the “Rust Belt States” which had the most balanced demographics. I don’t know if it can be proven but I would bet that the difference for Trump in those states was a belief that Clinton hadn’t done and wouldn’t do anything to bring back out-sourced jobs that paid a decent wage. Trump may not be able to do much either there but at least he made a point of addressing the issue forcefully enough to convince them he would try.

The Obama economic recovery has not been felt by a lot of people — especially those retired on fixed incomes (i.e. not stock market investments) and those without skills or means to obtain skills in the tech industries that offer decent pay. Yeah, the techies are doing better and Wall Street has recovered but there are a LOT of other people who got left behind. Those are the voters who made the difference in this past election. If the Dems want their support, they need to actually do some things to help — even if it means capping the ability of multi-national corporations to screw over their employees or off-shore their jobs.

If you think women’s issues were the only beef against Trump, you have a serious problem, The man is freakin’ certifiable.

Why no mention of the LOCSD election results?

Incumbent Marshall Ochylski and newcomer Vicki Milledge won seats on the Los Osos CSD board, with 34.5 percent and 23.9 percent of the vote, respectively. They were trailed by Steve Best at 18.5 percent, Julie Tacker with 15.3 percent and Tim Staggers with 7.9 percent.

A historic victory! Terms like historic upset and the glass is half empty will no be reserved for the endangered sluggards. I am so glad this is over and if I were Trump, I’d re-staff the leadership of the Federal Communications Commission. Media has morphed into graffiti and threatens free speech.

Yes, most dictatorships start with strict government control over the media. Why stop with just re-staffing the FCC, might as well rename it the Federal Propaganda Ministry, And we’ll call you Dr. Goebbels.

I don’t think it should be regulated but before you get to high on that horse of all things conservative is evil, back in the 90’s the Clinton administration was getting slammed by talk radio. What were some suggesting? I’ll let you figure that out.

Well, I would disagree with what “some” were suggesting back then too. I’m not liberal, but I think when any politician (right, left or center) talks about the need to restrict or reign in the media, we are treading in dangerous territory.

I have no desire to control media, just enforce remedy for outright false broadcasts. Poisoning minds with false propaganda is not a beneficial use of the public spectrum.

The Clintonistas have had their day and failed, even so integrity needs to be protected.

Easy fix for the FCC, get all the lawyers out as commissioners, here’s a novel idea put technical people in as commissioners at a technical agency, as well as all agencies, get rid of the lifers and put in people who specialize in the area the commission oversees