Fresno court commissioner appointed in SLO County

November 22, 2016

CaliforniaCourtsBypassing on local attorneys, San Luis Obispo County Superior Court has appointed Fresno County Court Commissioner Erin M. Childs to fill a local vacancy. Childs will handle family law cases.

The appointment fills a vacancy created by the retirement of Commissioner Patrick Perry. Childs will take over as a commissioner in San Luis Obispo on Jan. 3.

In Fresno County, Childs served as a family law and child support commissioner. She previously operated her own family law practice in the Central Valley county.

As an attorney, Childs advocated collaborative law, an alternative to divorce court in which separating couples work with attorneys and professional to reach a settlement. Childs previously served as the chair of the Fresno County Bar Association’s family law section. She is currently a board member of the California Women Lawyers association.

Childs has a law degree from San Joaquin College of Law and has also graduated from the University of San Diego Law School. She is fluent in Spanish.

As a SLO County commissioner, Childs will receive a salary of $162,870.

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Just another example of minor league politics in San Luis Obispo. All of the little people looking to obtain some power and recognition. Same players-same game.

Or perhaps they were unable to locate anyone in SLO County clean enough to do the job?

That’s pretty disappointing. The judiciary thinks that little of its own local attorneys that it would rather poach a commissioner from another county?

Family law can be a disheartening subject to deal with on a daily basis. I’ve seen a commissioner cry at the bench. Sad is a difficult business and law has no heart.

Additionally, even mediocre family law attorneys get away with charging a high hourly fee. Combine a likely pay cut with still having to deal with the raw emotions that accompany divorce and custody, and the court probably didn’t find many willing to jump at the position.

A Fresno transfer? Chris Williams must have something to do with this!

That’s the lamest form of deduction I’ve ever heard.