SLO County Democratic leadership bows to pressure

November 22, 2016

A large group of people attended the standing-room-only meeting.


After a large group of people who oppose a plan to suppress other Democratic clubs from independently endorsing candidates or measures signed a petition, the San Luis Obispo County Democratic Central Committee voted 16-2 on Monday not to adopt the restrictions.

Committee members Susan Devine, SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill’s former administrative assistant, and Cheryl Conway were the only speakers who spoke in favor of the proposed amendments. In addition to a proposed amendment restricting endorsements, Devine and Conway also wanted to restrict Democrats elected to local nonpartisan offices from participation in the committee and to encourage local clubs to use Democrat or Democratic in their names.

Atascadero Democratic Club President Tom Comar asked other committee members not to support the proposed amendments and to allow other clubs more autonomy. Supervisor Hill, San Luis Obispo City Councilman John Asbaugh and several other elected officials spoke against no longer allowing their participation in the committee.

Supervisor Hill then made a motion to table the proposed amendments, which was seconded by Ashbaugh. Even though 22 committee members were originally in attendance, during the two and a half hour meeting several members walked across the street to a local wine bar while the remaining members voted 16-2 to oppose the proposed amendments.

In addition, the committee voted unanimously to charter The Progressives of San Luis Obispo County, a new county Democratic club whose members are primarily people who supported Bernie Sanders.

Even though the committee’s meeting are public, at Mondays meeting,  executive committee members told attendees they were not to take photos or tape the meeting. In addition, public comment was barred until all the proposals had been voted on.

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I am not a member of the democratic party so I cannot say anything positive or negative on this issue. However, I would like to say that there seems to be a lot of pandering to non issues in both democratic and republican parties. This seems to distract from both parties and thier monumental failures in policy that has lead to the massive wealth inequality in San Luis Obispo. Please grow up.

Just another example of minor league politics in San Luis Obispo. Same game and same players looking for recognition and power. Just look at the players and it’s simple to see what they are trying to do-disgusting to say the least.

It appears that some of the members of the central committee got the message that many local democrats are very dissatisfied with the dictatorial style of the board. Hill is an opportunist and will position him self on both sides. Fulks is no better. For all those who came to the meeting – keep showing up.

Nobody likes their Constitutional Rights messed with!

“public comment was barred until all the proposals had been voted on”

Really? They call that democratic? Awesome.

Free Speech wins. Even with Hill trying to slam the door shut behind himself. That was a Trump move, to exclude.