Mob beats Trump supporter, video

November 10, 2016

In a rather disturbing example of election tensions boiling over, video footage shows a mob of young black men in Chicago punching, stomping and kicking a middle-age white man whom they say voted for President-elect Donald Trump. While the mob is beating the man, bystanders are cheering on the violence and screaming, “You voted Trump” and “don’t vote Trump.”

“You gonna pay for that shit,” one woman says.

The victim is heard screaming,” Get out of my car.”

One recording of the incident shows a man getting into the victim’s car and attempting to drive away with the victim hanging onto the side of his car.

Some of the attackers are seen stealing the victim’s belongings during the beating. The video footage that shows the man hanging onto his car being dragged through the street has a “Fuck Donald Trump” rap song playing rather than the raw audio of the incident.

Youtube users are alleging the broadcasting platform has deleted footage of the incident for political reasons.


Generalize much do you? Stereotypes like that are as bad as the ones on the left that think that anyone not supporting their point of view is a racist/bigot/moron redneck.


This is why Trump won and a prime example of why Obama has failed. If you wish to divide the people of America you had better be sure the numbers are on your side once the dividing is accomplished.


Wow. I…just wow.


I meant this as a reply to standup’s comment below, and all the sad, sorry folks who gave it a thumbs up. Just…wow.


bro, you have no idea what happens all over the world if this shocks you!


Standup’s post disappeared. Whether the poster took it down or if CCN removed it is not my concern. I can’t believe how many readers indulged this filth with an anonymous thumbs up. The people in this video should face consequences, and I feel very bad for that man. He is the victim. There is no doubt.

That is no excuse to invoke slavery. That is what we call beyond the pale. The emboldened need to discover self-restraint. Come on guys.


Standup’s comment (and some others) were removed because they were racist, offensive.

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This happened in a state that is run by democrats, and a city that is run 100% by democrats. No wonder Trump won. People are sick of this sheet. These types of actions will create more hatred and racism than any elected person. But the left will find a way to blame someone other than the guilty parties.


I’m sure they convinced him of the error of his ways. Ugh.



Karma will get them in time.


In time, perhaps. Does Trump get his, too?


So sad and SCARY! NOW THIS IS VOTER SUPPRESSION! Where are the liberals screaming out about this?? Just think if this was reversed – If the aggressors were “white” thugs beating a “black” man for voting for Hillary? OH THE HORROR…I’m sure the current President, BLM and Rev. Sharp. all the hypocrites would be speaking out – with a number of them hitting the news shows talking about the “deplorables.” I sure hope they can arrest and prosecute this CREEPS and I wish they could TAKE AWAY THEIR VOTING RIGHTS forever!


Another reason why people prefer the racist trump than democrats?


Go to school! There are no politics!


A picture says 1000 words. look at the criminals, in Chicago, approaching 700 murders this year and there that’s what you have,


What you have are paid Thugs…..


No, what we have is you making things up to fit your desired reality.


What, whaaat?


Please…..define reality!


Poverty leads to crime and hate #poorpeopledostupidshithelpthesystemouttaxtherich


And they have some of the strictest guns laws in the country. See what more guns laws does, prevents gun abiding people from defending themselves and gives the criminals more victims, Way to go Chicago and Illinois, we will not be far behind you.

Francesca Bolognini

GEEZ. Perhaps you would prefer the Trump guy got shot?

I am becoming really fed up with either “side” of this political divide and conquer game getting on their high horse and pretending they are somehow better and the “other” guys are “haters”, or whatever.

As long as we are that easily manipulated to turn against each other, we will fall deeper and deeper into the hands of banks and corporations, etc., and have less and less of the illusion of “freedom” in our lives and our government will continue the downward spiral into complete corruption that is the work of BOTH sides.

Until we start working together for the mutual interest of our society and the planet, none of this will change, we will continue to degrade in the eyes of the rest of the world and there will be little environment of value left for our children’s children..


Nobody wants to see Trump get shot any more than people wanted Obama shot in 2012. The call for unity after 8 years of obstructionism is amazing. ff Trump convinced you that he is an outsider, look at his cabinet appointments. Look at them.. You guys took a stupid stand and dragged us all down with you. Kudos.Enjoy the next four years of intense scrutiny.