Convicted cop killer denied parole

November 11, 2016
Dennis and Douglas Escobar

Dennis and Douglas Escobar

Douglas Escobar, one of two notorious brothers who attempted to murder two California Highway Patrol officers in Paso Robles in 1988, was denied parole on Thursday, according to a press release.

On March 6, 1989, Douglas Escobar was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of two counts of attempted murder. In 1988, Douglas Escobar and his brother Dennis Escobar had attempted to kill two CHP officers who were conducting a traffic stop.

On April 27, 1988, CHP officers Ray Koenig and Grant Kell were on patrol on Highway 101 on the south end of Paso Robles when they observed the Escobar brothers weaving along the road in a stolen vehicle. However, the officers did not know that a month earlier the Escobar brothers had shot and killed a Miami police officer.

After officers Koenig and Kell pulled the brothers over, Douglas Escobar exited the passenger side of the stolen car, pointed a pistol at Koenig and pulled the trigger.

However, the gun jammed and Kell drew his weapon and shot Douglas Escobar in the upper torso.

Even though he was wounded, Douglas Escobar attempted to clear and fire his pistol at the officers while Dennis Escobar attacked Koenig and attempted to grab the officer’s firearm. Both officers were injured in the melee.

During their trial, Douglas Escobar would disrupt the court by singing, spitting and yelling out.

During the trial, a scuffle ensued when Dennis Escobar attempted to grab bailiff Robin Weckerly’s gun and Douglas Escobar jumped up to help him.

Though the brothers were later convicted of murdering a police officer in Florida, issues with the investigation resulted in deals being made with both men. Dennis and Douglas Escobar have already served their Florida prison time.

Deputy District Attorney Chase W. Martin appeared at the parole hearing Thursday on behalf of the People of the State of California and argued against Douglas Escobar’s parole and release. Martin said that releasing Douglas Escobar would present a great risk to the public and would be a tremendous insult to the officer he murdered, and those he attempted to murder.

Dennis Escobar, 56, is listed in custody at High Desert Prison and Douglas Escobar, 57, is in custody at Folsom Prison, according to the California Department of Corrections inmate locator.

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They should have been long ago executed for their crimes.

What the?

In addition to the murder of the Miami cop, this article just articulated a murder attempt on the Paso Cop, and assault on the Paso Cop, and an escape attempt and assault during the trial.

So why were they up for parole again? No 3 strikes back then? No wonder 3 strikes was passed if guys like this come up for parole.

As a PRPD cop working that night responding to back up Kell/Koenig I remember these two asshole brothers like it was yesterday and they should never see the light of freedom.