Photos of laundry room bandit released

November 29, 2016
Arroyo Grande police are asking the public to help identify this suspect.

Arroyo Grande police are asking the public to help identify this suspect.


Police are asking the public to help them identify the bandit or bandits responsible for a recent string of laundromat burglaries.

On Monday, a thief or thieves broke into the washing machine coin boxes at two separate apartment building laundry rooms on the 2800 and 2900 blocks of Augusta Street in San Luis Obispo. Then on Tuesday, a thief forced open the locks on all 18 machines at an apartment building laundry room on the 700 block of Johnson Avenue, and stole an undisclosed amount of money.

Since Jan. 2014,  bandits have burglarized 15 laundry rooms in the city of San Luis Obispo. In Sept. 2014, police arrested a man suspected of five of the burglaries.

Last week, a surveillance camera at an apartment complex laundry room in Arroyo Grande recorded a man stealing an undisclosed amount of quarters from washing machine coin boxes.

Police are asking anyone who has information as to the identity of the suspect in the photographs, or those responsible for the burglaries in San Luis Obispo, to contact a law enforcement agency or Crime Stoppers.

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Put his face on a flyer in all the bars downtown. This is somebody’s homie and SLO is so small that this perp can’t hide for too long. Just like that doorbell creeper last month, the public will find him before the cops do.

Thieves are shameless punks. I can tell you now that this worthless trash will be ID’d and caught. Best think of a C.S. excuse now, boy, because they will come-a-knockin.


Dude! Get a Job! How ridiculous this guy is. His poor Mama!

It looks like Adam Corolla’s twin!

I guess he made a Clean Getaway.

Another case of money laundering.

Drugs force people to do bad things…

Perhaps he’s trying to clean up his act.

How desperate must a person be to risk such consequences for so little chump change?

If you are that desperate, why not do it?, since you know it will basically be a catch and release if ever caught.

We have a system that allows you to post bail. don’t like it? Move to France.

If ever caught, the criminal will not need to post bail, this will likely be categorized as a misdemeanor and the thief will be given a ticket and shown the door.