Speeding thieves nearly rear-end cop on Highway 101

November 29, 2016

Police carEight Santa Maria residents traveling in a stolen SUV nearly rear-ended an officer Monday evening on Highway 101 after coming up behind his vehicle at a speed of 94 mph. [KSBY]

After evading an accident, the police officer stopped the speeding SUV near the Oak Park Boulevard off-ramp in South SLO County. The officer arrested the eight suspects, most of whom are teens.

Inside the stolen vehicle, the officers found stolen merchandise. Authorities have yet to release further details about the incident.


“Hey, don’t pay no mind, your under 18 you won’t be doing any time. Hey, hey, come out and play.” Time to build even more prisons for when they turn 18. As many as necessary. I will gladly pay taxes for that. The welfare industry claims they can prevent crime but they only breed more of it while taking a 75% administrative cut for social service pay and benefits that incentivizes the expansion of the activity and associated social spending. Santa Maria is the new reality. AFDC and Section 8, fathers in the shadows with no responsibility, breed ’em and let the government feed ’em. Mexicans aren’t stupid, white liberals are. O.K., so the perps aren’t identified as Mexicans as yet. Wanna bet? And you wonder why Trump got votes from people who voted for Carter and Bill Clinton.

Jorge Estrada

So someone overheard a friend of a friend and decided to steal what is yours, next the escape vehicle and then into the back of a police vehicle. I bet they all claimed to be hitch hiking passengers, including the driver because the car was on cruise control. My mom would call them stupidos, banditos, la drones.


These fine examples of our youth qualify for the “dumbass of the day” award.


Charming. Must have been quite a ride.


Reminds me of the joy-riding thugs that nearly rear-ended me on Hwy 101 just north of Santa Maria.


Under all of the new rules that have been enacted by the liberals this will simply be a cite and release situation. They will shortly, if not already, be back on the street again looking for their next victim.

Ben Daho

What new rules have the Liberals enacted? I’ll wait.

and, can you tell me what “Rules” would have a person steal a van and merchandise. I’m embarrassed for you.