Registered voters at all-time high in SLO County

November 5, 2016

voteA record number of people have registered to vote in San Luis Obispo County and in the state of California, according to recent reports.

On Tuesday, SLO County Clerk Recorder Tommy Gong announced a record 168,257 county residents have registered to vote in next Tuesday’s election. Republicans make up 38 percent of registered voters, followed by Democrats at 35 percent and 21 percent of registered voters have no party preference.

In California, 19.4 million Californians or 78 percent of eligible residents are registered to vote in advance of Tuesday’s election, according to Secretary of State Alex Padilla’s office. Statewide, 45 percent of voters are registered Democrat, 26 percent are registered Republican and 24 percent have no party preference.

“2016 is truly a historic year and California continues to break records,” Padilla said in a press release. “As Election Day approaches, a record 19.4 million Californians are registered and eligible to cast a ballot. 78.04 percent of eligible Californians are registered to vote. This also represents the highest percentage of eligible California citizens registered to vote heading into a General Election in 20 years.”

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How many of the newly-registered democrats are legal citizens and alive? That might reduce the numbers, I imagine.

Wait until Prop.64 passes then it will be an all-time high.

No doubt. My wife and I both received 2 absentee ballots this year.

I was tempted but then succumbed to honesty.

Fire Adam Hill