Shotgun discharges during SLO trailer park fight

November 11, 2016
Robert Hanna

Robert Hanna

A fight between roommates at a San Luis Obispo mobile home park Wednesday evening resulted in a shotgun being fired into the ceiling and one of the men being arrested. At one point during the incident, both roommates were armed with guns, but it appears no one was wounded. [Tribune]

Around 5:45 p.m., San Luis Obispo police officers headed to the Silver City Mobile Home Park on South Higuera Street in response to a shots fired call. Officers determined Robert Hanna, 48, had been involved in a physical altercation with his roommate inside a mobile home, during which he reached for a shotgun.

But, the roommate grabbed the gun away from Hanna, and the two began wrestling over the firearm. During the fight, the shotgun discharged into the ceiling.

Eventually, the roommate gained control of the gun, went outside and called 911. Hanna then retrieved a 9 mm handgun, stepped outside and started threatening his roommate, Lt. John Bledsoe said.

When the officers arrived at scene, Hanna walked away. The officers detained Hanna’s roommate who dropped the shotgun. Later, Hanna approached the officers and was ordered onto the ground. Hanna handed over the handgun, which was in the waistband of his pants.

Officers arrested Hanna on charges of attempted assault with a deadly weapon, carrying a deadly weapon with intent to commit a felony, criminal threats and brandishing a firearm.

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OK CC You could have said Mobile Home Park. Seriously.

Well didn’t you just open your mouth to ahow the world how ignorant you are. Just because someone can’t afford a half a million to purchase a home in San Luis does not make them trash. If you are one of the one’s that can, consider yourself blessed. Oh, I am educated and have worked hard all my life.

I just can’t get enough of this trailer trash. I suspect they were fighting over who was going to do the cooking on the new portable BBQ (the buggy they just stole from Food 4 Less.

Now, was this a single wide or a double wide cause a scatter gun could do a lot of damage to a single wide…might require some plywood and chicken wire….

There are a lot of nice people living in mobile homes, you are fortunate to live where you chose.