SLO County Democratic Central Committee seeking to suppress

November 21, 2016


A group of Democrats are planning to voice their disapproval Monday night over the San Luis Obispo County Democratic Central Committee’s plan to pass an amendment to their bylaws that purporting will strip other Democratic clubs of the ability to make independent endorsements.

If passed, groups such as the Progressives for SLO County and the Atascadero Democratic Club could have their voices muzzled. Throughout the county, there is turmoil in the party as central committee board members attempt to suppress other clubs from independently endorsing candidates or measures.

The Progressives for SLO County are asking concerned Democrats to sign an online petition opposing the amendment.

“We oppose this bylaw amendment on the basis that it is contrary to Democratic principles and highly unusual in the State of California,” the petition says. “Grassroots Democratic Clubs are the heart and soul of the Democratic Party where activists and volunteers organize and mobilize.

“Historically, and currently, in California the vast majority of clubs make endorsements independently, giving them more clout to attract elected officials to speak, as well as generate excitement and engagement among the party base.”

The Atascadero Democratic Club is also asking all Democrats who support making the Democratic Party reflect the membership more accurately to sign the petition and attend the Nov. 21, 6 p.m. meeting at 3592 Broad Street, Suite 100, in San Luis Obispo.

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Now wait a second….

Didn’t I just read about how Free Speech and the First Amendment was under threat from the Presidency of El Trumpo?

Now I see how the Local Democratic Party is looking to quash Free Speech…

Folks…does it get any more Ironic that this?

The total implosion of the Left since El Trumpo became President Elect is more fun to watch than any Tela novela.


Yeah, that basically sums it up.

I can’t wipe the smile off of my face…

Once again we see one side is all for free speech as long as it agrees with their opinion, if it doesn’t or if there is a risk it doesn’t they will try to silence it.

Boy are you confused, it is Democrat club vs “official” democrat club.

But you can pretend this is a left vs right thing if that is easy for you?

You prefer I say “one group” instead, I never said is was a left vs right, it’s just one group trying to say another group cannot have a different view than theirs. I never said this only happens to different parties

Here’s my thought. Why don’t each of the separate little groups have a pow wow and decide what they like, who they like and so forth and bring forth one mighty recommendation on things.

This would seem more effective than having your own party wailing and clawing for equality and so forth. You can’t even agree on what you’re pissed off about but, you’re sure that you’re all angry about something.

Dear lord make them stop!

“Why don’t each of the separate little groups……” Not how it works, even in the gop.

“you’re sure that you’re all angry about something.” No that is called projecting.

Great picture Karen!