Lompoc police shoot and kill man with knife

November 22, 2016
Michael Ducaine Giles

Michael Ducaine Giles

A Lompoc police officer shot and killed a 27-year-old man who was fleeing authorities while holding a knife. The man confronted officers with the knife prior to being shot, according to the Lompoc Police Department.

At 8:04 a.m. Monday, a person at a laundromat in the 1000 block of North H Street called the police department and reported that a man who appeared to be intoxicated was inside the business and threatening to physically harm employees. The employees were asking the man to leave, and he was not complying.

Officers responded to the laundromat, and as they stepped inside the business, the suspect fled out the back. Police chased the man, who was later identified as Michael Ducaine Giles.

The officers contacted Giles outside the business and advised him he was at gunpoint because he had a knife. Giles then fled by running across traffic on North H Street. He hid in shrubs between a walking path and the Embassy Suites.

As officers began checking the area, Giles confronted them with the knife. That resulted in Giles being shot, a police department press release states.

Giles died of his injuries at the Lompoc District Hospital.

The police department has identified the officer who shot Giles as Corporal Charles Scott, a four-year veteran of the Lompoc force. Scott was recently promoted to the rank of corporal. He previously served eight years as a patrol officer and detective with the Chowchilla Police Department. Scott’s current status with the Lompoc Police Department is unclear.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s officials are handling the investigation into the shooting. Investigators are interviewing the officers involved, as well as witnesses.


Thank Reagan for closing asylums and setting mentally ill loose on the streets with no where to go and no services that truly help them. Many mentally ill drink or use drugs to cope, and for some reason, our county is slow to get on board with Dual diagnosis treatment. Studies have occured that say that homeless shelters are not cost effective. A better alternative would be government subsidized apartment buildings with on site case managers to help attempt to get people off the streets.

Obviously police vs mentally ill addicts isn’t really working out that well.


“an *accurate* observation” No, it was a one sided comment.

Accurate would include fatal police shootings broken down by race, situation etc, you know science and statistics.

Your “observation” is practically a standard talking point for the diversity phobic blok, almost word for word.



“Oh why, oh why didn’t they just shoot the knife out of his hand?” Beat you too it!


A black man gets shot by a police officer and it’s mass rioting, looting, and a media circus.

A white man gets shot by a police officer and … crickets


Sorry..should have attached reply to Kdholm….

What point are you trying to make? That white people are apathetic? Or Black people overreact?….Hmmm not a lot to go here.

All your statement really says is that you must view the world through a racist lens.

Instead of discussing the appropriateness of an Officer involved shooting. You distill it down to see how ‘dem colored people are uncivilized.

Please save your I am not a racist screed in an attempt to respond. If you had something worth to offer you would have done it the first time out of the gates.

You want this story to be about race, when it was not, and that says a lot about you.


All I did was state an *accurate* observation juxtaposing the differences in social behavior when a black person is shot by an officer and when a white person is shot by an officer. I made no disparaging remarks. It was simply an observation, and that makes me a racist???


Kidholm, this is how the left has played if for the last twenty years. When truth……call the others racist. When you can’t debate……call the others racist.

It is like the boy crying wolf. The left has cried it SO much the last twenty years, that is why it lost it’s teeth the last election cycle a couple weeks ago.

Now go ahead lefties call me a racist.