California to work with foreign countries on climate change policy

December 27, 2016
Gov. Jerry Brown

Gov. Jerry Brown

California Gov. Jerry Brown and leaders in the state Legislature are vowing to go around the incoming Trump administration and work directly with other nations and states in order to defend and strengthen California’s climate change policies. [New York Times]

President-elect Donald Trump has packed his planned cabinet with nominees who dispute the science of global warming and oppose policies intended to combat climate change. Trump has also signaled he will pull the United States out of the recent Paris climate agreement.

In an interview with the New York Times, Brown said the election of Trump is a setback for the climate movement, but the setback will be fleeting.

“In a paradoxical way, it could speed up the efforts of leaders in the world to take climate change seriously,” Brown said. “The shock of official congressional and presidential denial will reverberate through the world.”

Brown also said, irrespective of what happens in Washington, California can make a significant contribution to the cause of dealing with climate change.

“I wouldn’t underestimate California’s resolve if everything moves in this extreme climate denial direction. Yes, we will take action,” Brown said.

California has already played a leadership role in the international battle against climate change. Brown spearheaded the Under 2 MOU initiative, which was joined by state, local and regional governments from 33 countries and more than 160 jurisdictions representing a population of more than 1 billion people. Those government agencies signed onto the goals of limiting global warming to less than 2 degrees Celsius and reducing greenhouse gases 80 to 95 percent below 1990 levels by 2050.

Domestically, the California Legislature recently mandated a target of reducing carbon emissions to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030.

California officials are also considering expanding their international cooperation on cap-and-trade policies. California’s cap-and-trade program is already linked with one in Quebec, and state officials have had discussions with Mexico and China about, too, joining forces.

Business leaders, though, say California’s far-reaching environmental regulations put the state at a disadvantage, especially as conservatives elsewhere are rolling back climate policies.

“If the other states pursue no-climate-change policies and we continue to go it on our own with our climate change policies, then we would be at a competitive disadvantage for either relocating companies or growing companies here, particularly manufacturing factories,” said Bob Lapsley, the president of the California Business Roundtable.

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Could someone tell me how the interglacial was stopped years ago so that the glaciers could grow and reduce the temperatures.

I have researched and researched and cannot find how all the fossil fuels and suv’s caused all of that to happen back then?

Any ideas Al Gore and friends.

Here, let me try…

No one contends that climate change/global warming is and always has been a part of the natural process here on Earth, it comes and goes with time. The difference now is that by our absolute addiction to fossil based product use without using common sense we have accellerated climate change/global warming to the point where the normal cycle has been replaced by the current man-accelerated version.

If you don’t believe the science (sometimes it’s rather difficult to when their language seems so different than English) and would prefer a more direct and pragmatic answer to the consiquences we all face with this acceleration, talk to those who are involved with our national security and those involved with global security. It’s scary!…/Ref-0093-American-Security-The-Impact-of-Climate-Change.pdf‎

Kettle: ” yes, lead the way”

I will be leaving the end of next year and taking my fat public pension with me. Arizona will reap your charitable contributions to my pension.. Thanks a bunch Kettle!!

“fat public pension”

Don’t worry we are working on that too.

Wow! Don’t agree with the pension system, huh? And to that point you’d steal from another? Take away something he or she lawfully earned? Just to show you’re in goose step with the rest of the Repub’s or just to show your ignorance? Is there a difference? I doubt it, I really do!

Hey Gordo, by-the-way, Arizona isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be! Lived there and done that! It’s far too hot far too much of the year (unless you get to the Kingman or Williams area) and the cost of living isn’t quite as high as Cali’s but that’s bein’ worked on daily by the transplants that much like SLO want it all to themselves. You’ll have a bunch of gun totin’ idiots around though, god you won’t believe how many there are until you see it! And the power in Arizona? Each and every County Sheriff is the piper everyone pays, believe that! Just look to the example of Sheriff Joe in Phoenix and you’ll get my drift. Good luck though…

Why are these nut jobs running what I consider to be best state to live in every other respect. I wouldn’t wish them on anyone but why can’t we get them to just fade into our past like a bad dream. Even tsunamis have an ending.

None of the countries that signed the Kyoto climate change treaty ever complied with the treaty and the same will hold true for the newest one. Developing nations are going to dramatically increase their consumption of fossil fuels and the current schemes will not even come close to lowering global CO2. It’s a scam to pull money out of our wallets and hand it over to third world dictators and tyrants with little or no accountability. That money will get stolen and end up in Russian/Saudi/Chinese banks.

Running a business in this state is hard enough. Please don’t create an even larger disadvantage for me any further. #NotMyGovernor

The average person can pick which elected official has investments in alternative energy and/or owns companies which will profit from forcing global warming down our throats . Moonbeam used state money to have his properties checked for possible fossil fuels when they found none , He turned his investing towards alternative energy and is now trying to use his power of office to pad his bank accounts and his friends, families futures .. Electric cars and trucks will never be a smart solution , solar is already showing homeowners they were misguided , . Most alternative companies are just laughing on their way to the bank with their naive investors money or people with unrealistic dreams . They ought to run their ads on late night TV .

DPINC says: “Electric cars and trucks will never be a smart solution , solar is already showing homeowners they were misguided , . Most alternative companies are just laughing on their way to the bank with their naive investors money or people with unrealistic dreams .”

You have no idea what you are talking about, 14.1 gigawatts of new capacity for the year.

“Through Q3 2016, solar accounted for 39 percent of all new electric generating capacity brought online in the U.S.”

“How did the industry grow so much in just a few months? A new solar project was installed every 84 seconds, culminating in a new megawatt every 32 minutes. That is about the same as 125 solar panels every minute. And with another record expected for the final quarter of 2016, we will hit 14.1 gigawatts of new capacity for the year, an 88 percent increase from 2015’s total.”

You have swallowed the pill. Enjoy the trip.

As federal subsidies grow so grows solar energy. I hope you are recycling the metal you use in your tin foil hat. [Psst…..wanna buy some stock in Solyndra?]

No pills, just math and mass production.

Solyndra was a stupid idea (tube solar), however the loan program it was a small part of turned a profit for the US taxpayers in the end, but the haters can pretend that never happened if it makes them feel better.

Some others with “tin foil hats” not just swallowin’ the pill but hoping you will as well there ‘Dunces… › Business › Energy industry…/big-oil-unexpectedly-backs-newest-non-fossil-fuels…/…/160122-why-solar-and-wind-thrive-despite-cheap-oi…

Get on board or get left behind as the technology is getting better and cheaper. But that won’t last, the cheaper part, as Big Energy will regulate it to the point where their profits won’t dip one bit! And lets not get behind the likes of India! Now that would be embarrassin’ after we’ve just about outsourced our souls to that country!…/solar-energy-to-power-india-of-the-future

Have nice oil filled day….

I have solar. One of my considerations was it lasts for, say, 20 years and we are warned that it’s effiecncy starts going downhill after 5 years. I figure I’ll be dead when the system has to me nenewed so I won’t have to find $40,000-$50,000 to still be in the solar game.

There will be hundreds of thousands of people going back to buying from the power companies and I doubt they will have the capacity to generate the power.

It’s gonna be a big problem,

In reply to KETTLE , road builders , bridge builders , electricians , etc are sucking the tax payers dry with govt subsidies . They freak out when you mention caltrans or fed govt should have their own paving machines, or electricians , that is their bread and butter , so now the alternative energy people are sucking the govt dry .EASY MONEY with little work ! Overcharging for parts and labor !!!!!!!!! Every homeowner i have talked to wishes they never went solar , especially when it is time to re-roof their home . One woman i talked to said she had free solar installed thru CA program , as i looked at her 3 layers of very old roofing tiles , i told her wow it is going to cost a bundle of money to remove all those solar panels remove all 3 layers of roofing then install new roofing drill more holes thru new roofing into old old to reinstall those solar panels . All the cost coming out of her limited retirement check , because after all that the CA program wont pay a red cent of her cost ,,, I guess she could use tarps to cover her rotted roof ,,,,, but then those wonderful solar panels wouldnt work at all ,,,, A lousy investment for the average joe .

To poor to pay cash or couldn’t qualify for financing?

The oil industry and utilities get far more subsidies than solar, start there.

“so now the alternative energy people are sucking the govt dry”

No, not even close.

“especially when it is time to re-roof their home ” If you put solar on a old roof, that is just a bad idea, bad decision making.

“she had free solar installed thru CA program” There was never a free CA solar program, ever. You must be thinking of a Solar lease (not a gov program), that is a rip off and only makes the corporation money.

“I guess she could use tarps to cover her rotted roof” Again dumb decision making.

Again poor decisions on someones part does not make solar a bad thing don’t fall for the logical fallacy, use facts and math to get real answers.

In nor cal people over 62 receive free solar install

Nor Cal is PG&E territory so where is this program? What city?

Or was this some advertisement?

Please provide a link or it never happened.

And thus….. California sows the seeds of its own demise. Congratulations.

Lol, the sky is falling.

I wonder what the effect will be on our economy as busineses and manufacturing that can leave does so?

If regulations are relaxed in Arizona, Nevada or Oregon why not move there?

Yes, lead the way.

I am beginning to resent paying California tax to support such nonsense. I pay considerable tax to California, but this will end in 2017 as I am considering moving from the state. I am at a loss to understand what benefit my tax contribution to support illegals and the global warming agenda does for me.

“as I am considering moving from the state.”

A man of action, walking the talk.

$10,000,000 of your money is now set aside by moonbeam to pay for lawyers to defend illegals from being deported. California is the most screwed up state in the union, no question about it. This will do nothing but run more business out of Ca with more costly regulations. One can look at things this way. Last years El Nino = El nada. 16/17 winter has been said to be mild with a “La Nina”, but to date its been wet and colder than any winter I can recall in No county at least. Look at the Midwest who is getting hammered with snow. Bad data, predictions or wishful thinking for the alarmist. Fools believe the sky is falling when they have only 100 year or so of records and they cant even get a weeks worth of weather reports correct. Brown needs to go away. #NotMyGoverner