SLO YMCA trying to keep out sex offenders

December 27, 2016

YMCAThe San Luis Obispo County YMCA is attempting to prevent sex offenders from accessing its gym. [KSBY]

Starting in 2017, the YMCA will conduct background checks on all members and applicants. The local YMCA will use the National Sex Offender Registry to check for offenders who could be working out at the gym.

No fingerprinting will occur. If YMCA officials do discover a sex offender is using their gym, they will cancel the person’s membership.

Monica Grant, the CEO of the SLO County YMCA, said the background checks are a proactive move and are not the result of a recent incident. The “Y” is serious about protecting kids and families, Grant said.

The new policy comes as the YMCA is expanding its services, In the new year, the local YMCA will welcome members from Southern California, should they decide to work out while visiting the Central Coast.

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Here is another example of a YMCA employee molesting children:

The problem is NOT sex offenders working out at the YMCA. The problem is YMCA employees molesting children.

Ironically, the only incident of child abuse I can see is that of a YMCA employee molesting kids, NOT someone on a public registry:

THis is just a witch hunt for the administration to pretend they are doing something to prevent them from being accused of not watching unattended kids if anything happens. Which it will because 97% of sex crimes are committed by people NOT on the registry so as they are looking for witches, the unwatched devil will strike.

This only proves that the registry is punitive, prejudice, ineffective, unconstitutional and a weapon.

San Luis Obispo has always attracted a lot of sex offenders because of the college. It’s a bigger problem than most people realize.

This is false re-assurance. First of all, not all perverts are on a registry. Not all perverts have crimes in their background.

Who will pay for the background checks? I would rather quit a gym than to pay for a background check. I can work out anywhere, and am personally enjoying kid FREE time, NOT to prowl around on someone else’s kids. But hey, that’s just me…

I get having staff that could be left alone with kids and employed by YMCA to do background checks. The staff is hired to watch the kids and not allow stranger access to kids.

I just don’t see this going well for the YMCA.

They circle the kids there that are out of school in the summer. And–there are lots of them. Don’t see why they don’t use Megan’s Law page, but haven’t seen the national one.