Grover Beach officer on paid administrative leave

December 19, 2016
David Fear and his wife Terry Fear

David Fear and his wife Terry Fear

The Grover Beach Police Department has placed the officer who owned a dog that attacked two people last week, killing a 64-year-old man, on paid administrative leave.

On Tuesday, two of the officer’s dogs got loose and the officer’s Belgian Malinois attacked David Fear, 64, and Betty Long, 85, in Long’s front yard. Fear died on Friday from his injuries.

Sources said the 2-year-old Belgian Malinois had been trained as a K-9 officer in the Valley, but stopped working as a police dog when his trainer got a job with the Grover Beach Police Department. Investigators are not disclosing the name of the officer or additional information about the dog.

Multiple agencies are investigating the attack with San Luis Obispo Animal Services taking the lead on the dog attack and the coroner heading the death investigation. The Belgian Malinois has been euthanized.

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There is a gofundme account for Terry Fear.

This is why we lose respect for law and order. As Americans we all are entitled to the same due process. Not one kind for LEO and another for the rest of us. All men are created equal. Didn’t I read that someplace. Btw how’s that drunken sheriff who was doing a 100 on LOVR doing? Can we have an update sheriff P?

Yes the update is Sheriff Fellows, still has his badge, gun, license, job, pension, and still driving 100+mph, likely.

Just to re-cap what we’re all witnessing here folks:

1. A vicious dog was loose in the neighborhood

2. This same vicious dog, and perhaps another dog owned by the same Law Enforcement Officer, attacks a neighbor on her property.

3. Another neighbor acts heroically to save the a woman from a vicious dog attack and is mortally wounded in the successful effort.

4. The Malinois is euthanized, the “other” dog is not.

5. The neighbor who owned the dogs is not arrested, neither is their identity disclosed to the public.

Why? Because the owner of the vicious dog is a cop. The dog was also an ex-cop.

Here’s what should have happened:

The dog’s owner should have been arrested! Imagine if the dog belonged to the mundane citizen and it killed the cop neighbor? The mundane would be arrested, and their name would be known far and wide.

But because a cop owned the vicious animal, no one gets arrested. No one loses a day’s pay. In another week or so, the entire thing will be forgotten.

If this doesn’t illustrate the horrible reality of what being a police officer has come to mean, I don’t know what does. How long do people put up with this?

Here’s a prediction: It will turn out that this dog had prior history of being unreliable and aggressive. That knowledge alone would put a non-cop owner in jail.

Bottom line: If you want to get away with murder, you need a badge. What a travesty! What a shame we all put up with this crap.

Multiple agencies are still investigating ?!

Animal Services is “leading” the way?

Uh oh. Sounds like some county agencies are trying to figure out a way to lessen the inevitable charges against the dog owner and/or whoever (if anyone) was -supposed- to be dogsitting.

Based on events, this unnamed dog owner (btw if it were YOU or ME, our names & pics would be made public) is responsible. Period.

Look up Diane Whipple’s tragic attack in SF back in ’08. Not only did the actual dog owner (who, like the GB cop, wasn’t even present at time of attack) get PRISON time, so did the two people who were supposed to be watching the dogs. Charges in that case included involuntary manslaughter and “Owning a mischievous animal that caused the death of a human being.”

If a dog is trained to bite people and the dog is allowed to roam free…’s not INvoluntary manslaughter. I’m sure the dog will have a history of being aggressive and unreliable. why else would it be an ex-cop at only 2 years old?

Who—-other than a sociopath—would keep such an animal as a pet?