Justin Vineyards donates $100,000 to SLO County nonprofits

December 3, 2016
Stewart and Lynda Resnick

Stewart and Lynda Resnick

Justin Vineyards & Winery donated $100,000 to 20 organizations serving the North San Luis Obispo County area last week, according to a press release. The winery is owned by Stewart and Lynda Resnick’s Wonderful Co.

Earlier this year, some local restaurant owners and residents began boycotting Justin products after learning that the company had clear-cut thousands of oak trees.

Nevertheless,  Justin has a history of supporting local nonprofits. Since 2013, Justin has donated over $500,000 to local organizations.

“We have a long-standing commitment to investing in the communities where our employees live and work,” said David Ricanati, president of Justin Vineyards & Winery. “Our grants program and awards to these particular organizations reflect our continuing determination to remain fully engaged in every aspect of North County’s philanthropic, social, and civic life.”

The 20 organizations which received a $5,000 grant last week:

Adelaida Historical Foundation – Helping make the Adelaida School House handicap accessible.

Boys and Girls Club of North SLO County – Funding Summer Brain Gain for 100 kids, a program that provides  two hours of high-yield learning activities per day to reduce summer learning loss.

CASA San Luis Obispo County – Funding a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) supervisor in North County, who will be responsible for training CASA volunteers to represent more than 60 abused or neglected youth in court.

El Camino Homeless Organization – Funding 10 additional beds to expand the Atascadero shelter’s capacity as well as dressers for clients to store personal belongings so that they can feel safe and at home.

Food Bank Coalition of San Luis Obispo County – Funding the purchase of fresh produce to be distributed to families in need at the Farmer’s Markets in Shandon and San Miguel.

Jack’s Helping Hand – Funding vouchers for transportation, food and housing for families who must travel out of the area for children’s medical appointments.

NCI Affiliates Inc. – Funding five new computers for an education program that helps adults with developmental disabilities build social skills and prepare for employment.

One Cool Earth  – Funding a coordinator to recruit and manage volunteers to support educational garden programming at six elementary schools in Atascadero.

Paso Robles Department of Emergency Services – Funding for two display monitors that will be installed in the Emergency Operations Center to disseminate emergency information to first responders.

Paso Robles Library Foundation – Funding to purchase books and other materials to expand the library’s Spanish language collection and increase library use by the Spanish-speakers.

Paso Robles Main Street – Funding to replace three worn out wooden benches with metal ones in the downtown business area.
Paso Robles Youth Arts Foundation – Supporting free art, drama, music and dance classes for 160 under-privileged students.

Rise San Luis Obispo County – Funding a security gate at the Atascadero Shelter, which houses victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Studios On The Park – Supporting free field trips for 150 K-5 students to visit the art studio and take an art lesson with teaching artists.

The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo County – Supporting outdoor science and education, and youth environmental leadership development at Santa Margarita Elementary.

The Wellness Kitchen and Resource Center – Funding a new stove, prep table, and online ordering system to increase the number of meals for individuals and families facing critical illness, disease, and recovery.

Transitional Food & Shelter – Supporting around-the-clock shelter, food, and supportive services for homeless individuals who are too ill or injured to be adequately served in traditional shelters.

Transitions Mental Health Association – Supporting mental health services, such as counseling, anger management, and crisis prevention at a new location in Paso Robles.

United Cerebral Palsy of San Luis Obispo County – Funding swings for a new universally-accessible playground in Atascadero that will be safe for children with special needs.

Vineyard Team  – Supporting research and technical assistance on best practices in water conservation and irrigation.

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Whatever. I refuse to support them. They made people really angry, so I see this as a marketing ploy to make themselves look better.

Big deal. These people are blood sucking leaches from decent society; they spend a hundred grand like most people pee. A drop in the bucket to them trying to appease the masses with a meaning less act of contrition.


“Leaches” is probably too kind a term for them.

Meet the California Couple who uses more water than every home in Los Angeles combined:



“The Resnicks aren’t just pumping to irrigate their fruit and nut trees—they’re also in the business of farming water itself. Their land came with decades-old contracts with the state and federal government that allow them to purchase water piped south by state canals. The Kern Water Bank gave them the ability to store this water and sell it back to the state at a premium in times of drought. According to an investigation by the Contra Costa Times, between 2000 and 2007 the Resnicks bought water for potentially as little as $28 per acre-foot (the amount needed to cover one acre in one foot of water) and then sold it for as much as $196 per acre-foot to the state, which used it to supply other farmers whose Delta supply had been previously curtailed. The couple pocketed more than $30 million in the process.”

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Boycott Justin Vineyards & Winery!

All people of good conscious must continue to boycott this immoral company, and we will never forget what this company did to our beautiful Central Coast way-of-life.

Stewart and Lynda Resnick’s Wonderful Co. is the owner of Justin Vineyard and Winery, and they have a long history of raping the land. These two live in Beverly Hills, and they are elites who look down on us common folk.

Do not believe their PR attempt, do not trust these rapists.

Continue to BOYCOTT Justin Vineyard and Wines.

Just saying,

Mr. Josey Wales

They only donate to have a tax write off.

Don’t think so, it’s a net loss situation. They donate as a way to garnish goodwill, nothing more or less.

Don’t we all.

Interesting….I thinks its a way for two very out of touch individuals to soothe their consciences and attempt to appease all of those who who see their wrong doing.

They are obviously of the opinion that money can buy you and everyone else happiness…no matter what it takes.

It is nice that they donate, just like PGE, but remember, our community is worth more than the Resnick’s will forever be able to bribe us with. In my opinion, integrity can not be brought but paying for some of your sins is appreciated! I love how they spread $100,000 too as many organizations as possible to get the bang for their buck from a lot of people. Make it count!

Did you not see the election results in this county? Of course people’s opinions (and votes) can easily be bought off. Hell, measure J almost passed! To any sane person, that should be a bunch of red flags right there.

So they play the PR game because it works. For every one of “us” who can see through it pretty damn clearly, I’ll bet you there are hundreds who do not or will not (or care not). Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but look around this place – the low-information mentality is getting worse each year.

Blood money ~ what price is your soul ~ when you kill our planet