Up to 40 dead in Oakland warehouse fire

December 3, 2016


At least nine people were killed and 25 are missing after a fire raced through a warehouse where a concert was being held in Oakland on Friday night.

When firefighters arrived at the warehouse at 11:30 p.m., three sides of the structure were on fire. The roof of the two-story building caved in making it difficult for firefighters to recover victims.

Firefighters have retrieved nine bodies but report there are at least another 25 people unaccounted for, said Fire Chief Teresa Deloche-Reed.

“We still have to do a more thorough search of the building and we don’t know the potential number of other victims,” Deloche-Reed said.

While the cause of the deadly blaze is currently unknown, in October, amid an investigation into the legality of the structure, the city of Oakland cited the owner of the warehouse.

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Sure the building owner and tenant are responsible , but how hard is it with all those objects inside to break out windows and jump out ? At least 90 percent of these people were high on illegal drugs or passed out , the people doing the illegal drugs do have some role in their own deaths

Just curious….where’s your evidence that ‘at least 90% of these people were high on illegal drugs or passed out”? Were you there? Did you witness this tragedy?

Please explain why you made a statement like that. Personally, I prefer to wait until all the facts are known based on evidence, not BS before I choose to comment.

In the meantime I will extend my condolences to the families and loved ones of this tragic fire.

When people attending the ” THE PARTY ” were interviewed none could barely make eye contact let alone a normal sentence . Watch the interviews , when toxicology test come back , the results will speak for themselves .

This tragedy is on the city of Oakland. They turned a blind eye to what was going on in that building. Rules are put in place for a reason. It’s kind of scary when city and county officials ignore them. When people are killed because rules are allowed to be broken the people that fail to enforce the rules should be indicted for manslaughter. Whether the rule is a fire code or a federal immigration rule.

One guy on the news there yesterday said that is happening all over the City where the “warehouses” are converted into housing units and the City is aware of it. He said he was in this and it was the worst he had seen, didn’t even have stairs, just wood pallets to get to the second floor. Very sad story for the families!

You don’t know if the City of Oakland did anything wrong. Wait for facts.

Do you want the government breaking locks and entering buildings every time there are code violations? Constitution says NO.

The inhabitants of the closed down warehouse were not the owners and they were not paying rent, so yes in that situation the locks should have been broken and the people evacuated.

Did the city know for a fact that they weren’t the owners? Did they know for a fact that they weren’t paying tenants? In today’s sue happy world but they should just kick doors and go in by your reasoning or lack of. Hows that recliner of yours?

Really? On the city of Oakland? They were out there on the 17th last month but couldn’t get access. They had been out there other times over the years and had items fixed. CIty had it as warehouse use only and no residential use, hence why they went to check on the 17th. Sounds like same effort as any other city. How about the building owner and his responsibility? How about the guy who put the unit together and his responsibility? Read the link below and EDUCATE yourself!!! Is it comfortable from your armchair playing Monday Q.B. Rambunctious?


The fact that the city was out to the building and left without inspecting the place is why people died. You can blame the whole planet if you want but the responsibility was on the city. These people were trespassing and living free of rent and mortgage and everyone knows it. The city turned a blind eye to it. We are talking about an empty unused building, a closed down warehouse not someones legal business or residence.

So by your reason, can the city come to your house and just bust down the door if they want to inspect if you aren’t home and or don’t give them permission? GEEZ SMFH at the stupidity!!


Rick Holliday turned the old Sun-Bulletin building into a art collective/rave venue, same as Oakland. Here is CCN’s attack article against the City of Morro Bay’s enforcement efforts.

Forgot about that affair. Still waiting for the “bombshells” of proof that he was being harassed by the City.

UPDATE: As of this morning the number is confirmed at 24 with only 10 percent of the building checked. This is another great job done by government employees! There had been numerous complaints about ongoing activities at this warehouse. The Planning Dept stating they were there Nov 13 and couldn’t get in so walked away. Nice! According to a news report yesterday by one person who had lived in the building it was the worst “warehouse” he lived in in Oakland and people are living in them all over the City.

Very tragic story!

While this is a tragedy, it is hard to know if the City of Oakland did anything wrong without all of the facts. While there had been complaints, perhaps there was a process the City had to go through to break open the locked warehouse. After all, the Constitution permits unlawful search and seizure. I certainly don’t want the government to have the ability to enter locked buildings every time over a few complaints.

The real problem was a massive party in this fire trap which never should have happened. A similar thing happened with the Station Night Club fire in Rhode Island.

One would think that a permit was needed for such an event….

They walked away, because they probably didn’t have paperwork to enter without going through proper channels, so they didn’t get sued for harassment by the owner and or tenant . Had they gone in then without, people would bitch about that!! Geez.