Arrested as a man, booked into jail as a woman

January 16, 2017
Ken M. Kennon

Ken M. Kennon


Grover Beach police arrested a suspect Sunday, who they determined was a man from Arroyo Grande, for allegedly impersonating a police officer while conducting a traffic stop. However, San Luis Obispo County Jail staff thought otherwise and booked 52-year-old Ken M. Kennon into jail as a woman.

On Friday evening, with law enforcement lights mounted on his white Toyota Prius, Kennon pulled over a driver on the 800 block of N. Oak Park Boulevard. After Kennon pulled away, the driver decided to follow Kennon’s Toyota Prius, which had Texas license plates in addition to the emergency lighting system.

In a nearby parking lot, the driver confronted Kennon, wrote down her license plate number and reported the incident to the police department. At the time, officers were unable to locate Kennon.

On Sunday morning, officers tracked Kennon to a residence in Arroyo Grande, arrested the suspect and marked male as Kennon’s sex on the arrest report.

“The drivers license said male,” Grover Beach Sgt. Celis Rabena said. “We did not check and we did not ask. Sometimes, that is a personal question.”

Officers then booked Kennon into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of felony providing a false birth or baptism certificate to deceive and a misdemeanor charge of impersonating a police officer, still believing Kennon was a male.

However, jail staff discovered Kennon is a female and placed her into a private cell. A jail staffer initially informed a CCN reporter that Kennon was male, then said female before saying he needed to check with a supervisor.

Kennon remains in custody with her bail set at $20,000.

Investigators are asking anyone who may have encountered a similar situation to call Detective Carey of the Grover Beach Police Department at 805-473-4502.

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So, I’m still a bit confused on this one. Did they lift the hood on this thing and go in for a closer look to determine just what plumbing components are present? It’s apparent the wiring is shorted out but what about the rest of it?

Also, I’m 99.8% positive that I “crossed paths” and had some conversation with this “guy” at a local firearms dealer quite a number of years back. He was a he at the time but something that I won’t expound on happened and when he left, a family member of is came in moments later asking what he had been doing in the store and they stated he was very 5150. I think it’s safe to say nothing has changed with that part.

Should have saved this article for April 1st.

I’m trying to figure out what is funnier-the article or the above comments

There are a lot of empty holes in this story that need to be filled. Most significantly, exactly what explanation did Kennon offer to the driver when she pulled him over? Did she show him a badge? Was she wearing a uniform? Did she write him a ticket? What could her possible motive be? And why didn’t the driver confront her then rather than waiting to follow her and confront her later?

Chances are this is not the first time Kennon has done this if she installed a special lighting system on her Prius. It would be good to know her motive and get these details out to the public to identify any other victims of this creep!

Also, is that supposed to be the Prius in question in the photo above?? It doesn’t appear to have a light bar or any other kind of special lighting!

Madness comes in all forms…why contribute to it? If he was a he at birth and his identification shows he is a he then he is a he now.

What would you have the police do? What do you think would happen when you put someone in a jail cell who to you is technically a man, but identifies as a woman? Your insistence that the jailer treat inmates based on their biological parts means that you make their job harder.

Putting that person in with male inmates assures that either; the accused will be beaten or used/abused sexually by the other inmates. If that is OK with you that is fine, but it isn’t in good keeping with a nation that values due process and the rule of law.

You’ve mistaken mitigation of this issue, by the police, with contributing. They jail for the world that is, not the world you’d like it to be.

Should the police provide perches for those who believe they are birds while in their (jail) cage? Providing for what one person *thinks* or *feels* they are is only contributing to their mental disease… except when a boy thinks he’s a girl or a girl thinks herself a boy, then it’s taboo to call it what it is: a mental illness.

Calling a trans person mentally ill is disgusting transphobia and a thoughtcrime in this day and age.

Thank you for proving my point.



People like you are dangerous.


Roy, yes they should provide a perch for those who think they are birds, if it makes it easier to clean up their crap.

The point is they treated this person in this manner to make their job easier and keep this person safe,and to mitigate possible STD issues, etc. Most likely the policy was derived from experience within the jail, but you’re sure to believe it is the hidden PC police making these good officers bend to their will.

You want the police to enforce your social order, 1950’s social order.


Why, actually, YES!

We DO want police and other LAW Enforcement personnel to enforce our social order, i.e., laws of the ’50’s and before, which are still on the books. They are not expected to be psychological counselors.

Remember–we are now returning to Law and Order, which idiotic democrats have overruled–to their detriment and ours.

So putting a male criminal in jail with women just because he claims to be a women is okay with you? He still has male body parts, his ID gender says male and you think it makes the sheriffs job harder to place him with other men?

Democrats & RINOS never want to face up to the consequences of their political fantasies.

Serious question – would you pull over for a Prius (or any other “non-cop” car) with a temporary light on it?

Personally, I wouldn’t, especially in a remote area or on a remote highway. I wouldn’t “flee” recklessly but I’d keep driving until I got to a place with people around; a gas station, grocery store, etc.


After Highway Patrolman Craig Peyer murdered a San Diego woman at a remote off ramp in the 1980s, I wouldn’t pull over for a Cop in a remote area if I had not done anything wrong.


First Off Why on Earth Would anyone do that, the first part sounds Crazy and I know the next Part is Crazy.. Good Lord , What has the World come to?

The Poor Police .. Really.. These folks have better things to do I’m sure.. Under paid ,Under respected.. I guess Not Having your , Manhood does effect your mind..

vERy InterEstiNg comMenT.

How on Earth could anyone have confused this gentile flower as a man!? Isn’t it obvious by her picture? Great Caesar’s ghost! :-/

Gentile Flower? How do you know that Ken Kennon isn’t Jewish?!?!

Good catch! A gentle flower, possibly gentile… but definitely not gentleman-ly.

A Flower ?? a Flower OMG Not sure what kind of flower , Not my kind for sure..

This comment wins.