CMC sewage spill contaminates Chorro Creek

January 15, 2017

The San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department announced Saturday that 2,000 gallons of sewage spilled from the California Men’s Colony, with an unknown amount contaminating Chorro Creek. [Tribune]

The sewage leaked into the creek via a manway, sources said. The leak has been contained and officials are looking into the cause of the spill.

Health official suspect the spill was the result of a sewer system blockage. In the past, inmates have flushing items not intended for the sewer system creating spills.

The Regional Water Quality Control Board is investigating the spill.

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Ah yes the ANNUAL Sewage Spill into Chorro Creek.

This is the ANNUAL blame too. You would think someone would get smart and increase the “Fee” for dumping their literal crap into the creek? Why are they allowed to get away with polluting with just a “no No” and a slap on the hand? I mean why should Los Osians be forced to go through all the hassle to avoid polluting if CMC gets away with dumping thousands of gallons every single year??

“In the past, inmates have flushing items not intended for the sewer system creating spills.”

Really? I don’t think so… Sounds like the staff of CMC blaming convicts for their mistakes, classically CDCR.

Sure, because inmates are known to behave and would never flush “non-intended items” down the toilet. Nope. Never. Must be the corrupt “man” behind all this (and everything else).

All kidding aside, I’m sure there’s blame enough to go around for both inmates and operators.

And why would it spike all of a sudden like? Enough so to cause the problems the article attests to? Again, do you have direct experience as I do? The convict is ALWAYS the scape goat of CDCR.

The winter flush is nothing new for all sewage plants. This gets them ready for the summer tourists and the seasonal clean beaches.

This has been an ongoing issue for decades, especially in years of normal or above normal rainfall…

The biggest contaminator to Chorro Valley and the bay is this plant, these people can’t seem to operate it without some sort of problem.

I can assure you that the ACTUAL spill will grow exponentially…they always do.I wonder why the multi million dollar upgrade some 15 years ago hasn’t helped much in preventing spills.

Another example of OUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK?.

Is the the beginning of draining the swamp?