Flooding in Avila Beach, video

January 11, 2017

View the flooding and the scenic landscape from a video shot on Jan. 9, from a drone that flew over Avila Beach and the Avila Valley. The video is provided compliments of James McKiernan Lawyers in San Luis Obispo.





  1. Rambunctious says:

    Love drone videos…..

  2. 2much says:

    Very cool video… however, drones are cool except when they are flying around your yard. Our neighborhood had a flyer for someone looking for their drone that may have “Crashed” in a back yard. Hopefully someone shot it down and this guy will never fly in a private area again.

  3. cosmos7 says:

    At least some of that area is definitely in a flood plain. I feel empathy for those affected, but I wonder why the video is being published by a law office.


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