Grover Beach camera catches thief with hand and leg in car

January 10, 2017


A surveillance camera captured an alleged thief sticking her head, an arm and a leg inside an old fashioned car parked on a Grover Beach street. The Grover Beach Police Department is now asking for help in identifying the alleged thief.

One photo released by the police department shows the woman stepping into the car through the passenger side window. Police say the woman stole property from inside the car.

It is not clear what the woman is accused of stealing. In one photo she is seen holding goods in her right arm while reaching into the car with her left.

The vehicle, which looks like an old Volkswagen Beetle, was parked in the 200 block of South 3rd Street.

The police department requests that anyone who can identify the woman call Officer Cook at 805-473-4511 or send an email to Anonymous informants can call Crime Stoppers at 805-549-7867.


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I would not call that an old fashioned car.

Police don’t know if anything was stolen. They probably don`t know who the owner is… Maybe the door doesn’t work and this IS the owner? Is CCN that hard up for news?

She’s just trying to get a leg up on the New Year…this was her window of opportunity…if they arrest all the poorly dressed women in Grover Beach the jails would be full…

I have a somewhat related question to this article.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a security camera set up? I have seen some stuff at Costco, but I was not sure if it was quality. I am tired of the thugs and thieves in my hood, so I was just curious if anyone could direct me to a good system. Thanks!

Get something that is at least 1080p and does motion detection. Something that can send you alerts and you can view remotely is always a plus.


Hats criminals! Hats!!!!

They could pick up used Rams hats real cheap right now, or even find them in trash cans.

Same with Make American Great Again hats ;)