Hells Angel arrested after fleeing CHP down Cuesta Grade

January 4, 2017

hells angels jacketA California Highway Patrol officer tried stopping a trio of motorcyclists, at least one of whom was wearing a Hells Angels jacket, while they were riding on the Cuesta Grade Tuesday afternoon. But, two of the three bikers fled, and the CHP lost track of the third while searching for the fleeing motorcyclists. [Tribune]

The officer tried to stop the bikers for an unknown reason around 2:30 p.m. Sometime after the two bikers fled, officers located one of them as he was coming out of the Shell gas station at Los Osos Valley Road and Madonna Road in San Luis Obispo and attested him.

The motorcyclist was seen wearing a Hells Angels vest with a Ventura patch.

The other biker initially yielded turned up south of Arroyo Grande. Officers were speaking with the man, but it is unclear if they arrested him.

CHP officers are still looking for the motorcyclist who fled and evaded capture Tuesday.

Officials have not released the identities of any of the bikers. No one suffered injuries during the chase.

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“Can’t recall a biker you didn’t like”? Stop. People are people. I was at a gas station once and a young lady was turning in a job application. The manager asked her “why are you wanting to work here?” And she said ” I like working with people” I stepped in and said “then you haven’t worked with people” and the manager and I laughed. And I whispered to her “tell him you have bills and you’ll work hard and never steal” and she looked me, then him (he heard me coach her) and she repeated it and he said “that is better. Can you come back at 4:30 for an interview? She got the job. Every once in awhile I’d stop in. She’d tell me “people can suck”

Just because they ride, changes nothing.

Perhaps I’ve just been fortunate, but throughout my life, I can’t recall a “biker” that I didn’t like.

Didn’t you just say that? Must be lookin’ for some attention!

Let me clear somethin’ up for ya’ San… The term “biker” , not “outlaw biker”, refers to a person who prefers a motorcycle over a four tire vehicle. They come in all shapes and sizes; they come from men, women, persons from the LGBT community, business professionals, professional athletes and clergy. Most are not “dangerous” and while I don’t know if any of them suck scum I’m sure that most, if not all, would prefer something else.

Fear is a powerful thing, and when you attach your obvious prejudice(s) to it? Well, it’s only real victim is you, San…

Excuse me, I gotta spend some time on my ’97 Road King! Gotta get it up to snuff as spring & summer is just around the corner…

Oh, one other thing just to piss you off; the girls love ’em!

I ride and have for more than 30 years…

My comments are confined to scum-suckers that go by the names of Hell’s Angels, Bandidos, Mongols, etc.

“Fear” doesn’t drive my judgement of these losers. Their well documented actions do. They’re POSs.

Though I have two bikes and ride both regularly, I don’t need them to attract women as you clearly do. Sad to be you, huh?

Be on your way, waxer. You’re not impressing me in the least.

Impress you? Don’t want to, don’t need to! You impress yourself well enough…

What you said and what you meant are two completely different things and in the world that we are posting in?! I cannot read your face, your voice or your what your comment is “confined to” so I have to go by what you said : “most bikers are scum suckers”! Isn’t that what you said?

I don’t give a rats ass how long you’ve ridden those Schwinns of yours, I could care less if there chopped, raked and are custom painted, it don’t make you a “biker”!

I do fine with the ladies, my King just makes the intro’ a little less complicated, that’s all. And if you’ve ridden for 30 years you’d know exactly what I’m talkin’ about and if you haven’t experienced that and taken advantage of it (I mean that in a two-way arrangement based on mutual consent) you’d better trade in those Stingrays of yours for something with a little more HP and with something with a little more comfort and room than that banana seat…

I’ll stay right here, just to piss you off. Like I’ve said before, insulting me to shut me up or to try and make me be “on my way” stopped working when I was about four, now it just motivates me to keep f***in’ waxin’ my ass off, much to your chagrin …

Please excuse me as I’ve got to shovel snow this morning…

I got one more thing San; it started to eat at me, then it pissed me off so I took a moment to cool off, so, here…

You disrespected a lot of men and women out there, some of which protect(ed) your right to spew that shit!

A big portion of those “bikers”, outlaw or otherwise, are vets’! The “Hell’s Angel’s” mantra is from WWII vets (look it up), and for the most part most of the initial members of the HA were vets’!

I know, I know! You said”most”, but other than you who the f**** would know just exactly who your “most” are? I bet you couldn’t even tell one-from-another if you were standin’ in the same room with hundreds of them! So, in a sense you just vilified all of them…


I don’t care what the backgrounds are of these violent scum-sucking losers if they maim and kill people; if they manufacture and sell drugs; if they pimp women; if they threaten and extort, etc.

There aren’t any good Hell’s Angels (or members of similar MCs) unless they’re ex-Hell’s Angels or dead Hell’s Angels — including the violent, scum-sucking losers who served in the US Armed Forces before they decided to prey on the very people they once took an oath to protect.

Attempting to defend these violent, scum-sucking losers because they collect toys at Christmas is absolutely ludicrous.

There are so many upstanding people who ride. I know war heroes, doctors, nurses (so many in healthcare it surprised me). I know economy minded folks, everyday folks, retired folks. It feels kind of amazing to feel the bike rumble underneath you, to feel free as the wind whips all around you. Try it sometime- just be careful.

Everyone knows the Hells Angels reputation. MOST are probably great people. They do toy runs for the disadvantaged. They raise money to buy bicycles for kids. There are of course going to be bad guys/gals in every group, and if you associate with a CLUB (not a gang) that has a history of violent activities, it is even MORE important to behave well.

As a side note, in general bikers are amongst the biggest babies I have encountered in health care. Don’t like the sight of blood, “don’t like needles” which is pretty ironic. Big teddy bear mostly.

The guy who said FU to law enforcement and took off is just an a-hole who broke the law. That’s all.

Big ol’ babies!!! Some? Well, YEA! I had one fall out in the clinic at the reception center at Chino! No, not because he just realized he was in prison, nah! That wasn’t scary enough for this big MFer

Nope, it took the sight of a hypodermic needle! Eyes rolled up in his head, head kind of “lulled” over to one side, legs got wobbly and he face planted right then and there. Broke his nose (I wish I could hear the “real” stories on how he broke his nose he was probably tellin’ on the yard) and chipped a tooth.

In all people there is a “good side”, some just take a little more coaxing then others to get ’em to show it! That toy drive you speak of is only out done by the Marine Corps “Toys for Tots” program, that’s it. Not bad for a bunch of “scum suckers”….

“…Everyone knows the Hells Angels reputation. MOST are probably great people. They do toy runs for the disadvantaged. They raise money to buy bicycles for kids…”


Go find out what prospects must do to become full-fledged members say the Hell’s Angels. “Great people?” You clearly have no idea how ignorant you sound.


Please enlighten us all with your obvious knowledge of all things “scum sucker”, please! What exactly do prospects have to do? Please tell us all, o’ wondrous one!

I’d be interested in just how far ingrained your ignorance is… Or maybe you prospected at one time and couldn’t fill the boots you had on and now are pissed at all of the “biker” world?

Just askin’, sport!

Why on Earth would I try to become a member of a group that’s exclusively filled with violent, dangerous, scum-sucking losers? My parents raised me better than that. Sad to see yours did not…

See, when the weak can’t get over on a person they’ve always got to play the “bad parent” BS…

I don’t have parents, haven’t since I was four! State raised there San; so if anyone is to “blame” it would be the state of California, my “parent”, right?

You know why you’d want to “try to become a member of a group that’s exclusively filled with violent, dangerous, scum-sucking losers?”, it’s called being a “wanna be”! That’s all! The problem is the “wanna” part has to be a two way street and it sounds like you’re pissed because it was’nt…

Somethin’ else… I do not hold any outlaw biker in high regards just because they are, never said I did. What I said is “In all people there is a “good side”, some just take a little more coaxing then others to get ’em to show it”. I’ll stand by that from first hand experience… And I am not a

1%er, never have been, it’s a code of conduct I cannot follow as I can’t dislike anyone just because of color, gender, club association or lack there of. I am a “biker” though and the reason(s) I am you’d never be able to comprehend…

Now, go back to your Schwinn’s, that big ol’ sissy bar of yours needs a little adjusting, sport! I got some waxin’ to do…

Then please enlighten me. I am an open minded person, and if you can show me my ignorance, I will stand corrected.

Do some research on what’s required just to join one of these motorcycle clubs (actually criminal enterprises) like the hell’s angels, bandidos, etc. At the very least it’s going to require one to commit a serious felony and it doesn’t stop there. That’s just the beginning.

Of violent, scum-sucking losers making decent peoples’ lives miserable (or ending them altogether) in order to support their sordid “lifestyle.” Making excuses for these POSs is just wrong. They’re bad people who do bad things.

I’m sorry…

Hey Kevin! I think the lady asked YOU to show how she is wrong! You Kevin, not Google or some other search engine, you! Besides, sport! There’s only one way to get the information you say she needs; you gotta go to the source! Now, would you really send a lady into such an environment? Probably so, huh? Would you be willing to escort her if that’s where she should go? Definitely not, uh uh!!

Do yourself a favor, Kevin, just leave it alone…

>L.A.RamsFan No “Hey Kevin!” He is San Louie.

No witch hunts or doxing, it’s in the guidelines.

Comment about the subject not the other commentators.

Also, you are wrong.

You got it!

My knowledge is basically anecotal regarding the Hells Angels. People I have met, someone I know who is a prospect. It isn’t a lifestyle I would enjoy, but who am I to judge someone else’s choices?

I know how to google, I am just not so inclined to want to do so. I was just thinking that you thought of me as so ignorant, I thought you were going to enlighten me on how I was wrong.

You’re apathetic too…

Mr. Estrada, are you saying most bikers in General are law abiding, or Hells angels are law abiding? Because last I checked, the hells angels still have a reputation for violence, distributing drugs and weapons.

Hells Angels are 1%er’s, outlaws. Along with Mongol’s, Hessian’s, Galloping Goose’s and a host of others.

I know exactly why the one was pulled over, he was flyin’ his colors (wearin’ his cut off with his club and location rockers)! That’s what’s known as probable “enough” cause in that world.

I know that gas station, the Shell Station, they probably called the cops when they saw the brother pullin’ in; I wouldn’t put it past that crew.

Sonny and another Hells Angel who was at the meeting thought they were beyond a little patch so they headed down to a local tattoo shop in Oakland and were the first to get the famous One Percent tattoos.

Yep! That’s a “tattoo” revered by certain folks…

I was in a night club in Costa Mesa whey back when, “Hard Times”, and some kid came in; he straddled a bar stool next to me and I noticed a “1%er” tattoo on his neck. Another gentlemen in the place noticed as well, along with a few of his friends, and they came over and inquired of the kid how he came to “earn” that tattoo. He tried to answer but just couldn’t. He looked at me, I just shrugged my shoulders and went off to play some pool. The tattoo was removed in the parking lot, that night… The kid lived but I bet he learned two things real well; one, if you’re goin’ to mark your body with somethin’ permanently you damn well better know what it is you’re puttin’ on. Two, if you don’t know what it means DON’T put it on your neck (unless you wear turtlenecks all the time)…

“Fear” doesn’t drive my judgement of these losers. Their well documented actions do. They’re POSs…..well said San Louie.

Holdin’ hands are you? Might want to consider it if you ever decide to face up with a 1%er and spew that shit, sport!

Settle down. You’re acting like a child. It’s nice to see people here not buying your spiel on how wonderful these dangerous, scum-sucking losers are. The truth is important.

Put that in your Costa Mesa and smoke it.

Violence, drugs and weapons? Violence like our local Dems or drugs like our local medical pot farms or is it weapons like our second amendment? Yes I know this is reach but I was of age during their past and the past of many others, so I will think long and hard before I support casting the first stone. I stand firm that most bikers are good people, as for gangs it can be very subjective. The gang mentality can easily be explained as a political faction, many of them do belong in jail, biker or not. Brutality, thieving, shedding consequences (voting for a lazy new tax), to list a few should be stopped.

A reach?! No brother, that’s a pole vault!

The first thing you should consider is your loose lipped use of “biker” in an area, SLO, that would interpreted it in one context, “(outlaw) biker”. What you are speaking of, in the SLO vernacular, is a “motorcycle enthusiast” not a “biker”…

Yes, there is a difference between a “biker” and a “1%er”, a big one! I’ll not get into details but I can tell you this; if you were to encounter one or the other in certain situations you’d suddenly know the difference real clearly… And your contention that a “biker” is a better person than a “1%er”, well, that would depend on who you were speaking to; I’d prefer a “1%er” havin’ my back then a “biker”. To get that from a “1%er” means you had to have earned it, something that means so much more than you could understand.

Throw all the stones you want! Unless of course that house of yours is made of glass…

I’d prefer not to deal with either brand of dangerous, scum-sucking lunatic.

You wouldn’t? Bet you would if there was money involved…

You probably have San, without even knowing it… It’s okay though, none of them would have anything to do with you either. They know most “citizens” don’t have the balls to say what you just did to their face(s), so they’d have nothing in common as cowards don’t fit their type lunacy

Scum-sucking? Better that then suckin’ up to the likes of you…

No, I wouldn’t. I don’t buy, sell or use illegal drugs. I wouldn’t drink in an establishment that catered to those scum-suckers.

It’s sad to see some suggest that the Hell’s Angels, Bandidos, Mongols, etc. are “OK” because they collect toys for kids at Christmas.

They’re dangerous scum-suckers no matter how you slice it.

Sure ya’ would! You’re the type that only understands money, no matter where it comes from…

I’m just wonderin’ what kind of scooter do your “ride” (other than those Schwinn’s of yours)? Is it American made, a POS European type or some rice burner?

” I wouldn’t drink in an establishment that catered to those scum-suckers.” Really? How would you know without walkin’ into one? Or, if you see a lot full of HD’s do you tuck tail and run? If you walk in anyway does the sight of long hair, or a beard or leathers just scare the shit out of you? Do the women intimidate you? What is it? Maybe you just can’t play pool… Don’t spend much time in Pismo, Avila or Paso do you? Man, I bet you’ve never even been on a run!

Do yourself a favor; get over to Arizona, take that f***in’ helmet of yours off, get some wind on that bear ass head and have some fun! Take a leap of manhood and grab a beer and sandwich at the “Steel Horse Saloon” in Phoenix (they got these sandwiches called “Big 10 Inch” that are the bomb!) or “The Hideaway” in Cave Creek (they got a “Melt” that’ll knock your d*** in the dirt, if you have one…). I’m just sayin’; before you judge try it first, ya’ f*** (I mean that with all do respect)!

Don’t be scared, it’s all good!

It might be a good opportunity to contact the chapter for assistance. Most bikers are law abiding citizens and would prefer to recruit the support of all colors. Us against them is counter productive old school. I’d like to believe that even the rough and tough ones have a threshold for stupidity, counter membership activities. This should not just go away, a beneficial resolve may be had, to include even punishment.

Mr. Estrada,

Stick to your world, please! ‘Cause you ain’t got a clue… In that world it’s almost exclusively “us against them”, that’s the 1%er way; always has been and always will be…

Malarkey. Most “bikers” are dangerous, scum-sucking lunatics.

Sorry! Look to the top of “comments”…